Art at Wild & Scenic

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival is proud to partner with Nevada County Arts for the fourth year in an effort to increase awareness of the intersection between arts and the environment.  Local and regional artists submitted their environmental artwork for possible inclusion at the 2015 Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Nevada City and the selected art will be exhibited at more than 40 businesses, wineries, breweries, cafes and galleries during the 13th annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival.

Winners will be announced Sunday, January 18th at the festival!




Venue Name Featured Artist Category Medium
Festival Headquarters Jude Bischoff 2D
Abstrakt Donald Naquin 2D Oil Paintings
Clavey Winery Margie Miller 2D Oil Paintings
Contrast (The Annex) Caroline Courtwright 2D
Elixart Jenna Brager Photography Photography
Extasia Kathy Dotson 2D Computer Generated Giclee
Grey Goose Geolyn Carvin 2D Cartoons
J J Jackson’s Jennifer Brown 3D Cut Paper
Java Johns John Daly Photography Photography
Judi’s of Nevada City Sandray DeLong 2D Oil Paintings
Kitkitdizzi Eli Rush Photography Photography
Matteo’s Republic Jeff Litton Photography Photography
Matteo’s Republic Jonathan Lyerly Photography Photography
Café Mekka Julee Nielson Photography Photography
Café Mekka Charlene Zilius Photography Photography
NCArts Gallery at GGVVC Megan Billingham Student
NCArts Gallery at GGVVC Leila Watson Student Zombie Deer Head
Nevada City Chamber Paul Dessau 2D Collage
Nevada City Winery Denise Wey 2D
South Pine Café Amee Medeiros
Szabo’s Winery & Tasting Room Rick Morrall 2D Oil Paintings
The Earth Store Cheryl Wilson 2D Oil Paintings
The Parlour at NevaCo Sharon Griffiths 2D Encaustic Paintings
TBD Douglas Baier Photography Photography
TBD Karen Hinrichs Watercolor
Granucci Gallery The Center For Arts Robert Bryngelson Wood Carving, Intarsia
Smith Tasting Room Debra Fike Paintings



Venue Name Featured Artist Category Medium
151 Union Square Martin Arkenstone 3D Sculpture Panel
151 Union Square Leslie Philpott 2D Oil Paintings
151 Union Square Abigail Weissman 2D
Art Works Gallery Eileen Blodgett 2D Acrylic Paintings
Art Works Gallery Gail Lipson Photography
Art Works Gallery David Mooney 2D 2D Oil Paintings
Art Works Gallery Kathryn Wronski 2D 2D Oil Paintings
Avanguardia Dori Greenbaum 2D Watercolor
Granucci Gallery at The Center For Arts Rom Ramsey 3D Wood Carvings
Granucci Gallery at The Center For Arts Kirsten Ronsiek 2D 2D Oil Paintings
GV Gold & Silver Carolyn Bloom 2D
Heart & Home Catherine Riley 3D
Lucchesi and New Moon LeeAnn Brook 2D Acrylic/Collage Paintings
Lucchesi and one piece at WSFF HQ Linda Galusha 2D 2D Oil Painting
Mill Street Clothing Christiane Raymone 2D Graphite Drawings
Mill Street Clothing Debi Savoy 2D Pastels
NCArts Gallery at GGVVC Delphine Griffith Student
NCArts Gallery at GGVVC Shawn Jordan Student Photography
NCArts Gallery at GGVVC Nora Pizzella Student
Osborn Woods Gallery at Miners Foundry Sheila Cameron 2D Acrylic/Mixed Media
Osborn Woods Gallery at Miners Foundry Joseph Meade 2D
Sierra Starr Judy Nicholson Photography Photography
Stucki’s Engravers or Jewelers Gabe Babcock 3D Sculpture
Tess’s Kitchen Peter Hazel 3D Mosaic
The Bamboo Store & Mana Beads Karel Hendee 3D Quilted Wall Hangings
The Center for the Arts Main Gallery Jill Mahanna 2D Oil Paintings
The Holbrooke Dana Mano-Flank 2D Abstract Multi-Media
The Holbrooke Stan Miller 2D Airbrush Oil Paintings
TBD Katie Wolf 2D 2D Oil Paintings


Congratulations to all the 2015 Featured Artists!