Nevada County Arts

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival is proud to partner with Nevada County Arts for the fourth year in an effort to increase awareness of the intersection between arts and the environment.  To achieve this goal, all local and regional artists are invited to submit their environmental artwork for possible inclusion at the 2015 Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Nevada City.  More than 40 businesses, wineries, cafes and galleries will exhibit selected art during the 13th annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival.  This is a unique opportunity for more than 4,500 attendees to be exposed to your art.

The film festival theme for 2015 is “A Wild Life.” Artists are encouraged to submit pieces that address this theme head on, particularly as it relates to nature and human interaction with our environment. “Exhibiting Wild & Scenic art adds another layer to the festival experience and immerses attendees in an environmental experience throughout town,” says Melinda Booth, Film Festival Director.

Featured artists and locations coming soon!