2014 Films

A Boom With No Boundaries

The Bakken oil boom in North Dakota has brought much-needed jobs and economic development to the region. But the fast pace of the drilling has caused many problems, including industrial-scale impacts on Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the land surrounding it. “A Boom With No Boundaries” explores how one of America’s 59 national parks is […]

Andrew Satter, Jessica Goad | 2013 | 5 min. | USA

A Brief History of the 5cent Bag Tax

When your city is overflowing with plastic bags, how will you react? Jack Green, head of the Department of the Environment, is on a mission to rid the city of its plastic bag scourge in this short film by DC-based DunkYourBagel promoting reusable bags to protect the environment.

Craig Schattner, Adam Walker, Emil Superfin | 2013 | 2 min. | USA

A Life Well Lived/Jim Whittaker

Legendary Mountaineer Jim Whittaker talks risk, beauty, and adventure on the 50th anniversary of his historic summit of Everest.

Eric Becker | 2013 | 4 min. | USA

A World On Notice: Women at the front lines of Climate Change

We are headed toward a potential 4 degrees Celsius rise in global temperature over the next decades that will create unprecedented havoc for our children and future generations. Women are no longer willing to stand by when so much is at stake. Women are on the front lines of Climate Change Solutions. Fierce and compassionate […]

Terra Nyssa, Osprey Orielle Lake | 2013 | 9 min. | USA

An Inconvenient Youth

An Inconvenient Youth captures the vibrant though under-reported story of the global youth climate movement. For too long, young people ? the very people whose lives will be most affected by the consequences of climate change ? have been, condescended to, or just plain ignored by governments, corporations, mainstream media and UN negotiators.

Slater Jewell-Kemker | 2013 | 11 min. | Canada

An Inconvenient Youth; Off The Grid

A follow up film to the original film An Inconvenient Youth. Slater Jewell-Kemker continues her mission to empower young people to take action against climate change.

Slater Jewell-Kemker | 2013 | 2 min. | Canada


Backyard tells the stories of five people in four states, all with very different backgrounds and perspectives, but all at odds with the natural gas extraction occurring around them. Despite their differences, unnerving similarities emerge from their shared experiences with the massive unseen entity that is “the industry.” Brief, animated interludes remind us to ask […]

Deia Schlosberg | 2013 | 27 min. | USA

Beyond Reclaimed

Beyond Reclaimed, is a short film that enlightens the Flagstaff community to the complex issues associated with the use of reclaimed water. Utilizing captivating footage of the city and interviews with local professionals, the film ultimately communicates the need for sound water policy and conservation in the city of Flagstaff, Arizona community.

James Q Martin, Chris Cresci | 2013 | 10 min. | USA


Dawn Brancheau, a veteran trainer at the well-known Orlando, Florida water park Sea World, lost her life when she was attacked by Tilikum, a bull orca (or “killer whale”) weighing ten thousand pounds who was a regular attraction at the park. What made the incident all the more disturbing was this was not the first […]

Gabriela Cowperthwaite, John Hargrove, John Jett, Carol Ray, Jeffrey Ventre, Samantha Berg, Mark Simmons | 2013 | 80 min. | USA

Bringing it Home

Hemp – it’s not just for hippies anymore. Today they’re using it in everything from salad dressings to buildings. Despite the inevitable jokes, industrial hemp is actually a non-psychoactive plant, grown in 31 other countries, but prohibited to farm in the U.S.A. where it could be a money-making crop for farmers and create jobs. So […]

Linda Booker, Blaire Johnson | 2013 | 52 min. | USA

Buffalo Battle

When the last herd of free roaming buffalo in the US wanders outside of Yellowstone boundaries following natural grazing instincts, it comes into contact with local cattle ranches and the troubles begin. The embattled animals have a lone advocate–The Buffalo Field Campaign. This diverse group of volunteers risk everything, including their lives, to protect these […]

Tom Rogan | 2011 | 43 min. | USA

Buffalo Wild

A poem written by the world renowned John Trudell, music by Goodshield Aguilar and Mignon Geli and edited by Mike Mease, This music video takes you on the historical ride America’s Buffalo have traveled. Bring the viewer to the still continuing tragedy these sacred Buffalo endure.

Mike Mease | 2013 | 4 min. | USA

Bug People

For some of us, the mere thought of insects is enough to make our flesh crawl–literally. Through the lens of the filmmakers’ own unease, BUG PEOPLE explores the attitudes and biases that have shaped our relationship with the insect world. This playful essay film blends animation, macro photography, and a host of other elements to […]

Paul Meyers | 2013 | 15 min. | USA


Tangled vines. Endless rain. Dodgy hotel rooms. Mud. Biting flies. Aggressive viruses…Perfection. Is this a vacation? Erik Boomer, Tyler Bradt, Galen Volckhausen, Tim Kemple, Anson Fogel, Blake Hendrix and Skip Armstrong hunt the remote Mexican jungle for the perfect waterfall…and the perfect shot. Paddler and cinematographer alike explore a world beyond the unexpected.

Anson Fogel, Shannon Ethridge | 2013 | 8 min. | USA


Let’s face it: composting isn’t the most glamorous of topics or activities. It can be dirty, rotten, and smelly. But it doesn’t have to be. Meet Linda Olsen – master composter. She gave her heart to composting, and in return, it gave her life. This short short presents simple steps to reduce your waste while […]

Christopher Paetkau, Trevor Gill | 2012 | 3 min. | Canada


Damocracy is a short documentary that exposes the myth of dams as ‘green’ energy through two examples from Amazonia and Mesopotamia: the Belo Monte Dam in Brazil and the Ilisu Dam in Turkey. The documentary shows the potential disasters these dams would cause on cultural heritage, wildlife and local communities who rely on the rich […]

Todd Southgate, Tolga Temuge, Doga Dernegi | 2012 | 34 min. | Brazil & Turkey

Down The Line

Down deep slots and magnificent waterfalls, a handful of dedicated Vancouverites are bringing a new outdoor sport to BC – Canyoneering. None of these canyons have ever been explored, and once in, the only way out is down.

Francois-Xavier De Ruydts | 2012 | 22 min. | Canada

Dying Green

Set in the foothills of the Appalachians, this film explores one man’s vision of using green burials to conserve land. The efforts of small town physician Dr Billy Campbell have radically changed our understanding of burials in the United States. Dr. Campbell’s dream is to conserve one million acres of land. Dying Green focuses on […]

Ellen Tripler | 2013 | 23 min. | USA

El Campo es Vida

Javier Vera is a 20-year-old, third generation gaucho living in the Aysen region of Chilean Patagonia, a region that has deteriorated significantly due to agricultural use by previous generations of gauchos. While maintaining a traditional gaucho lifestyle, Javier is one of many young locals working in conservation-based tourism initiatives across Patagonia that are serving as […]

Bridget Besaw | 2013 | 10 min. | USA

Elk Grass

Combining traditional techniques with new animation technology, this animated music video for the song ‘Elk Grass’ by Pete Van Leeuwen captures the spirit of the lonely Elk Mountain and his longing for a companion. Elk Mountain is home to abounding wildlife, but he can only stiffly observe them in his rocky form. Elk Mountain communes […]

Abbey Luck, Pete Van Leeuwen | 2013 | 2 min. | USA

Environmental Lawyers and the Protection of Sharks

Sharks are amazing animals that provide healthy ocean ecosystems, and a billion dollar dive industry. Yet 3 sharks are removed from our ocean every second, and Planet Earth can’t keep up. While supply and demand mean life or death for shark species, this innovative film targets environmental lawyers as the key players to stop illegal […]

Jeff Litton | 2013 | 13 min. | Ecuador


“Fall Run” is the ultimate Pacific Northwest steelhead adventure. This is the true story every angler dreams about retelling around the campfire forever. Hooking and landing a steelhead on a fly is not easy. It is arguably the most difficult type of fly fishing in the world. Add the challenges of Mother Nature’s moods, an […]

Todd Moen | 2013 | 15 min. | USA

Field Spotlight: Monique Pool

Monique Pool, CI partner and founder of the Green Heritage Fund Suriname, finds herself “slothified” after an area of forest in Paramaribo, Suriname, is cut down. Monique rescues more than 200 animals, mostly sloths, and brings them to an emergency shelter, which also happens to be her home. Watch how Monique manages to feed, house, […]

Peter Stonier, John Martin, Becca Field, Sebastian Perry | 2013 | 6 min. | Suriname/USA

Field Spotlight: Nan Hauser

“I’ve slid down the backs of whales, I’ve had whales ram my boat” — Nan Hauser is a marine biologist and Conservation International Marine Fellow who studies whales and dolphins. She’s gotten extraordinary footage of whales doing everything from breaching her dinghy to playing with dolphins in the high seas — some of which you […]

Peter Stonier, John Martin, Becca Field, Sebastian Perry | 2013 | 6 min. | Cook Islands/USA

Field Spotlight: President Anote Tong

President Anote Tong of the Republic of Kiribati, a Pacific Island nation, is leading the formation of the Pacific Oceanscape — an action plan for marine conservation that impacts almost 40 million square kilometers (more than 15 million square miles), a territory larger than Canada, the United States and Mexico combined. President Tong, also a […]

Peter Stonier, John Martin, Becca Field, Sebastian Perry | 2012 | 5 min. | Kiribati/USA

Fighting for the Futaleufu

Fighting For the Futaleufu is the story of what many consider ‘The World’s Best River.’ For years, Chileans in Patagonia viewed the Rio Futaleufu with awe and apprehension. In the 1980’s as kayakers and rafters successfully navigated the river, eco-tourism flourished, bringing vibrant opportunities and jobs to the community. Fighting for The Futaleufu explores the […]

Stephanie Haig, Darrell Lorentzen | 2103 | 16 min. | USA

FISHING PONO: Living In Harmony With The Sea

FISHING PONO: LIVING IN HARMONY WITH THE SEA tells the story of Native Hawaiians on the island of Molokai who are using traditional conservation methods to restore their fishing grounds. Featuring life long fisherman Kelson ‘Mac’ Poepoe, and directed by award winning helmer Mary Lambert, FISHING PONO’s graphic images of the commercial exploitation of Pacific […]

Mary Lambert, Teresa Tico | 2013 | 26 min. | USA

Fixing The Earth One Watershed at a Time

Fixing the Earth and restoring balance is an age-old ceremonial practice for the Tribes of the lower Klamath River. The Yurok Tribe’s Fisheries Program has applied this long standing cultural ethic to the management and restoration of Chinook and coho salmon populations of the Klamath River, and to other species such as sturgeon and lamprey […]

Thomas B. Dunklin | 2013 | 19 min. | USA

Food for Change

Food For Change tells the little-known story of the cooperative movement in the United States from the Great Depression to the present. This alternative economic model is presently experiencing a resurgence in response to the 2008 market crash, widening wealth disparity, and the consolidation of the food industry.

Steve Alves | 2013 | 84 min. | USA

From the Ground to the Clouds

Fifty years ago Jane Goodall set out to study the wild chimpanzees of Tanzania with little more than a pair of second-hand binoculars, some pencils and a notebook. Today she has upgraded the tools of the trade. FROM THE GROUND TO THE CLOUD, a beautifully crafted short documentary, showcases the unique collaboration between the Jane […]

Denise Zmekhol | 2013 | 8 min. | Tanzania and United States

From the Spawning Grounds

Take a 3 minute plunge into the clear cold water of the Salmon River and get a fish-eye view of the river and its inhabitants. This tributary to the Klamath River is the largest stronghold for spring Chinook salmon. The underwater footage of salmon and steelhead is accompanied by a song and poem from Karuk […]

Thomas B. Dunklin | 2011 | 3 min. | USA

Gasland II

GASLAND PART II takes a deeper, broader look at the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, the controversial method of extracting natural gas and oil, now occurring on a global level (in 32 countries worldwide). The film argues that the gas industry’s portrayal of natural gas as a clean and safe alternative to oil is […]

Josh Fox, Trish Adlesic, Deborah Wallace | 2013 | 125 min. | USA

Glacier Caves: Mt. Hood’s Secret World

On Oregon’s most popular mountain, Brent McGregor and Eddy Cartaya made a remarkable discovery. After rapelling 15 stories into a hole in the Sandy glacier, they encountered a mile of caves and tunnels laced with waterfalls, whitewater, towering ice sculptures and otherworldly light. It’s the largest glacier cave system outside of Alaska. But the caves […]

Ed Jahn, Amelia Templeton, Andy Maser, Todd Sonflieth, Katie Campbell, Hayden Peters, Steve Amen | 2013 | 31 min. | USA


Who controls the future of your food? GMO OMG explores the systematic corporatetakeover and potential loss of humanity’s most precious and ancientinheritance: seeds. Director Jeremy Seifert investigates how loss of seeddiversity and corresponding laboratory assisted genetic alteration of foodaffects his young children, the health of our planet, and freedom of choiceeverywhere. GMO OMG follows one […]

Jeremy Seifert, Josh Kunau, Jill Latiano Howerton | 2013 | 84 min. | USA

Great White Shark

Misrepresented, maligned and on the verge of extinction, the great white shark is an iconic predator: the creature we love to fear. Great White Shark explores the great white’s place in our imaginations, in our fears and in the reality of its role at the top of the oceanic food chain. The film concentrates on […]

Luke Cresswell, Steve McNicholas, D.J. Roller, Don Kempf, David Marks | 2013 | 40 min. | USA

Gregg Treinish, A MoveShake Story

When asked how others could follow their passions for making change, Gregg Treinish simply replied:”Three seconds of courage..That’s all it takes”The thought of making positive change in this world is often followed by a frustrating and sometimes disheartening “How?” Gregg asked himself this same question for many years, until one day, at lunch with his […]

Alexandria Bombach | 2013 | 15 min. | USA

Growing Cities

From rooftop farmers to backyard beekeepers, Americans are growing food like never before. Growing Cities tells the inspiring stories of these intrepid urban farmers, innovators, and everyday city-dwellers who are challenging the way this country grows and distributes its food. From those growing food in backyards to make ends meet to educators teaching kids to […]

Dan Susman, Andrew Monbouquette | 2013 | 59 min. | USA

Harvest of Shadows

“Harvest of Shadows” explores undocumented immigration and contemporary farm labor conditions in California’s Central Valley, the nation’s richest agricultural region. Drawing upon photographer Matt Black’s long-term exploration of life in the Central Valley, this documentary short highlights the Valley’s farm fields and small towns, including interviews with community members whose commentary sheds light on the […]

Matt Black | 2013 | 8 min. | USA

Hidden Rivers of Southern Appalachia

West Coast Premiere. Biodiversity. It’s in the rivers of the Amazon, the jungles of Borneo, the coral reefs of Belize… oh, and the creeks of Tennessee. That’s right, southern Appalachia is a little-known hotspot for aquatic life and is home to some wildly diverse fish, mussels, salamanders, crayfish and other critters. Hidden Rivers takes an […]

Jeremy Monroe, David Herasimtschuk | 2013 | 10 min. | USA

High Altitude Fish Hunters

Anyone can drive to the river. But not everyone can climb a mountain to seek out wild, elusive and exclusive high altitude trout. Join Grit and Thistle as they hike above treeline to blow up SUP boards, put on camo to disguise themselves, and fly fish for Colorado’s Greenback Cutthroats.

Sam Bricker, Nathan Ward, Claude DeMoss | 2012 | 5 min. | USA

High and Hallowed: Everest 1963

High and Hallowed: Everest 1963 is the deeper story of the greatest Himalayan climb in American mountaineering history. Profiling the bold and visionary efforts of the 1963 American Mount Everest Expedition and narrated by bestselling author and Everest veteran Jon Krakauer, the film examines the sheer commitment and lasting impact of the first American ascent […]

David Morton, Jake Norton, Jim Aikman | 2013 | 48 min. | USA

Honor the Treaties

Honor the Treaties is a short film that examines photographer Aaron Hueys powerful advocacy work for Native American rights on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The film explores the idea that journalists often get the story wrong. Using Aarons seven-year experience as a photographer on the Pine Ridge Reservation, we examine the idea of growth and […]

Eric Becker | 2012 | 14 min. | USA

How I Became an Elephant

When Juliette West set out on a quest to educate herself she got far more than she bargained for. How I Became an Elephant follows this wide-eyed fourteen year-old from suburban California on her quest to save the world’s largest land mammals; a quest that takes her halfway across the globe and face to face […]

Tim Gorski, Synthian Sharp | 2010 | 82 min. | USA and Thailand

Human Rights Are For Everyone!

Students in Wide Angle Youth Media’s Baltimore Speaks Out! Program created this short animation to draw attention the importance of human rights. The film outlines the need for all people, no matter who they are or when they live, to have equal access to the social, physical, environmental, and educational resources that allow for health […]

Wide Angle Youth Media's Baltimore Speaks Out! Program | 2011 | 3 min. | USA

I Am Red

The Colorado River runs 1450 miles across seven states and two countries supplying water for 36 million people. It flowed to the sea for six million years but has not kissed the ocean since the late 1990s. A video poem to highlight the beauty and challenges of this national icon, American River’s Most Endangered River […]

Pete McBride | 2013 | 4 min. | USA

Idle Threat

Idling engines consume more than 6 billion gallons of gasoline annually in the U.S., a significant but little-known contributor to local air pollution, respiratory disease and global climate change. Idle Threat is a lively look at one man’s spirited struggle to improve public health by raising awareness about idling’s impact, starting in New York City. […]

George Pakenham, Kimball Tran | 2012 | 37 min. | USA

K2 Siren of the Himalayas

Siren of the Himalayas documents the adventure, peril and serenity of a group’s attempt to climb the world’s most challenging peak on the 100-year anniversary of the landmark K2 expedition. Rope in and follow world-class climbers Fabrizio Zangrilli and Gerlinde Kalterbrunner in a breathtaking high-altitude mountaineering experience.

Dave Ohlson, Jason Reid, Andy McDonough | 2012 | 75 min. | Pakistan

Long Live the King

Long Live the King is a story of hope and resurgence for Alaska’s great King Salmon fishery. Returning numbers of the fish have been dropping steadily, and both 2012 and 2013 hit especially hard – with multiple rivers and regions across the state seeing some of the lowest returns ever, forcing Alaska Fish and Game […]

Cory Luoma | 2014 | 15 min. | USA

Lost Rivers

Nearly every major city was built near the convergence of many rivers. As cities grew with the Industrial Revolution, these rivers became conduits for disease and pollution. The 19th-century solution was to bury them underground and merge them with the sewer systems. These rivers still run through today’s metropolises, but they do so out of […]

Caroline B | 2013 | 72 min. | Canada


14-year-old Laura Dekker sets out–camera in hand–on a two-year voyage in pursuit of her dream to be the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone. In the wake of a year-long battle with Dutch authorities that sparked a global storm of media scrutiny, Laura now finds herself far from land, family and unwanted […]

Jillian Schlesinger | 2013 | 81 min. | USA


This is a story about the west, known for its forward-thinking innovation, being caught in the crosshairs of an American paradox. Old innovation vs. new. Currently, there are proposals to ship coal from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming to ports on the Pacific coast and eventually to Asia to be burned. This will cause […]

Andy Miller, Robin Moore, Jeremy Jones, Chris Steinkamp, Ed Lewis, Eric Wallis | 2014 | 40 min. | USA

More Precious than Gold: Film & Panel Discussion on the Proposed San Juan Ridge Mine

What are the potential impacts on the Yuba Watershed?  April 16, 2014 7:00-9:00 PM Nevada Theatre, 401 Broad Street, Nevada City Doors open at 6:30pm SYRCL is teaming up with the San Juan Ridge Taxpayers Association and Synergia Learning Ventures to present “More Precious than Gold,” a film screening and panel discussion on the proposed reopening of the San […]


More Than Honey

Oscar-nominated director Markus Imhoof (THE BOAT IS FULL) tackles the vexing issue of why bees, worldwide, are facing extinction. With the tenacity of a man out to solve a world-class mystery, he investigates this global phenomenon, from California to Switzerland, China and Australia. Exquisite macro-photography of the bees (reminiscent of MICROCOSMOS) in flight and in […]

Markus Imhoof, Markus Imhoof, Helmut Grasser, Thomas Kufus, Pierre Allan-Meier, Sonja Scheider, Will Turner | 2012 | 95 min. | Germany, Austria, Switzerland


Musicwood is a modern twist on a classic story; a culture clash of staggering proportions, where age-old land disputes upend our simplistic view of the past. World-famous guitar-makers travel into a primeval rain forest to negotiate with Native American loggers before it’s too late for acoustic guitars. Acoustic musicians (Steve Earle, Kaki King, etc) provide […]

Maxine Trump, Josh Granger | 2012 | 82 min. | USA

My First Fish

My First Fish is a story about a boy’s first experience going steelhead fishing with his father on the Trinity River in Northern California. The film is focuses on the perspective of a child in this new magical environment and the exciting moment of catching his first fish. After and epic battle, the boy has […]

Ben Galland | 2013 | 7 min. | USA

North of the Sun

Inge Wegge (25) and Jorn Ranum (22) spent nine months of cold, Norwegian winter in the isolated and uninhabited bay of a remote, arctic island by the coast of Northern-Norway, facing nothing but the vast Atlantic Ocean. There they built a cabin out of driftwood and other cast-off materials that washed up on shore, and […]

Inge Wegge, J | 2012 | 46 min. | Norway

Occupy The Farm

200 urban farmers occupy the last piece of farmland in the urban East Bay. They plant 15,000 seedlings in hopes of stopping a real estate development. Their tent village lasts for three weeks and then riot police evict them. But, their two acres of crops survive, and this direct action successfully alters the fate of […]

Todd Darling, Car Grether | 2014 | 98 min. | USA

On The Edge, Antarctica 3D

Though big and remote, seemingly tough and foreboding, Antarctica can be a fragile place too. As the planet continues to change — and warm — Antarctica and its wildlife are changing too, and fast. Join filmmaker Jon Bowermaster for an up-close look at the most pristine place on planet Earth, first ever in 3D.

Jon Bowermaster | 2013 | 40 min. | USA

One Day in Yosemite

On Tuesday, June 26th, 2012, thirty filmmakers spread throughout Yosemite to document the national park and the people who work and play there. Its 15 minutes tell a deeply human story of one of America’s most famous wild places. Hikers, hang gliders, painters and cooks help create this unique portrait of One Day in Yosemite.

Steven M. Bumgardner | 2013 | 15 min. | USA

Pandora’s Promise

In the next few decades, humankind will need to double, or even triple energy production as billions of people in the developing world lift themselves out of poverty and begin to live modern lives. Unless the source of this new energy is clean and non-CO2 emitting, the risk of triggering a devastating global climate catastrophe […]

Robert Stone, Robert Stone | 2013 | 80 min. | USA

Paramos: Water for Life

At 2,640 meters, Bogota, Colombia’s capital, is home to more than eight million people who depend on the surrounding mountains for their water. Here one finds the paramos, a stunning landscape that’s part of a natural machine that has sustained Bogota for centuries. This ecosystem is now threatened by mining, ranching, and large-scale agriculture, and […]

John Martin | 2012 | 8 min. | Colombia/USA

Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Thousands of miles away from civilization, Midway Atoll is in one of the most remote places on earth. And yet its become ground zero for The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, syphoning plastics from three distant continents. In this independent documentary film, journalist/filmmaker Angela Sun travels on a personal journey of discovery to uncover this mysterious […]

Angela Sun | 2013 | 57 min. | USA

Powell to Powell; Portraits of the Upper CO

In summer 2012, graduates from Colorado College walked, kayaked, and rafted from Rocky Mountain National Park to Lake Powell along the Colorado River. Along the way they talked to over 30 people involved in the Colorado: farmers, ranchers, water managers, professional rafters, conservationists, and more. Their journey is told in 5 chapters. “Complicating the Divide” […]

Will Stauffer-Norris, Zak Podmore, David Spiegel, Carson McMurray | 2013 | 24 min. | USA

Power to The People

One hundred forty years ago, in a tiny gold mining camp in the Sierra Nevada mountains, a tinsmith and tinkerer invented a new type of water wheel that revolutionized the way power is produced from water. His invention is still in use today. While the name of Lester Pelton may nearly have been forgotten by […]

Steve Hubbard | 2012 | 31 min. | USA


In Kanpur, India, a young electrician named Loha Singh plays Robin Hood with the city’s failing power supply by stealing electricity from the grid and providing it to impoverished neighbourhoods so that people could run their lives and businesses normally. Meanwhile, the first female chief of the electricity company has vowed to rid the city […]

Deepti Kakkar, Fahad Mustafa | 2013 | 82 min. | India

Push It

Two women prepare for their first ever big wall – El Capitan in Yosemite, which goes far from smoothly from start to finish. Along the way, we visit climbing heroines for inspiration – and we overcome broken bones, awful weather, a lack of funds and several crisis of confidence.

Jen Randall | 2013 | 34 min. | USA

Raptor Blues

A musical stop motion animation that tells the story of secondary poisoning of raptors from rat poisoning in a way that everyone can understand.

Ian Timothy, Lisa Owens Viani, Allen Fish | 2013 | 2 min. | USA

REMAINS OF A RIVER: From Source to Sea Down the Colorado

Two friends. 113 days. 1,700 miles. One endangered river. Will Stauffer-Norris and Zak Podmore hiked and paddled from Wyoming to Mexico along the Colorado River. They walk the Wind River Mountains, paddle the Flaming Gorge Reservoir, the Canyonlands, Lake Powell, the Grand Canyon, and Lake Mead. Ultimately, the mighty Colorado is reduced to a trickle […]

Will Stauffer-Norris, Zak Podmore | 2012 | 22 min. | USA

Restoring Hope

Watershed restoration. It’s evolving into more than just a water issue across the country. Walkways, wildlife, willows. They are all rearranging from the roads to the river. Jackknife Creek in Southeast Idaho is the poster child for this evolution. It’s where everything is considered when everyone works together to restore hope. Restoring Hope follows the […]

Kris Milgate | 2012 | 14 min. | USA

Return to the Tepuis

“I hear the most beautiful sound in the world,” says Dr. Bruce Means. Referring to the call of a toad that he and his expedition team – North Face Climber Mark Synnott and National Geographic contributing photographer Joe Riis — travelled to the tops of the Tepuis of South America to find. Means has a […]

Joe Riis, Jenny Nichols | 2013 | 9 min. | Guyana / USA


Revolution is a film about changing the world. The true-life adventure of Rob Stewart, this follow-up to his acclaimed Sharkwater documentary continues his remarkable journey; one that will take him through 15 countries over four years, and where he’ll discover that it’s not only sharks that are in grave danger — it’s humanity itself. In […]

Rob Stewart, Gus van Sant | 2012 | 87 min. | Canada


Reynaldo lives in the Amazon Rainforest. He used to cut down trees and farm the land to survive. He learned the hard way that it was not a sustainable way to live. He saw his land turn barren and his crops die. Then he woke up. He changed the way he worked and began planting […]

Dan Childs, Nick Werber | 2013 | 6 min. | UK/Peru

Right Now: Living with Mountain Lions

This high impact music video was designed as an urgent wake up call to spotlight public apathy towards mountain lions. As one of America’s few apex predators, they should be revered, not feared, as popular media portrays. The video challenges us to consider and respect the wild animals around us as we–and they– go about […]

Rob Whitehair, Zara McDonald | 2013 | 5 min. | USA

Rock Wall Climbing

How do big wall climbers get their start? With little walls, of course. This may be the case for 8-year-old climber Kathrin Houston who convinces her father to build a climbing wall in the other half of their small two-car garage.

Hal Clifford, Jason Houston | 2013 | 5 min. | USA

Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde

The inspiring story of a remarkable cowboy who triumphs in his quest to protect wild horses and the prairie lands of the American West. From cattle drives, rodeos, conservation battles, personal heartbreak and new-found love, this film is an inspirational journey that assures each of us that we can truly make a difference if we […]

Suzanne Mitchell | 2013 | 92 min. | USA

Ryan’s Stories

Ryan’s Stories Anson Fogel, Aimee Tetreault, Camp4 Collective (USA, 2013, 7 min)     Living in poverty for as long as he remembers, Ryan Hudson grew up in and out of homeless shelters. At 14, Ryan was introduced to snowboarding through Outdoor Outreach, a non-profit organization dedicated to using outdoor activities to empower at risk youth, and his […]


Sacred Headwaters

A multimedia piece featuring National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Wade Davis and photographer Paul Colangelo on the fate of the Sacred Headwaters in northern Canada. The shared birthplace of three salmon rivers, the traditional territory of the Tahltan First Nation, and home to an incredible ecosystem of large mammals, the Sacred Headwaters is at risk of losing […]

Paul Colangelo | 2012 | 4 min. | Canada

Sage Steppes: 800 Miles on the Oregon Desert Trail

“Join expert long-distance hiker Sage Clegg as she becomes the first person to journey for 800 miles across the newly created Oregon Desert Trail, from the center of the state to nearly the Idaho border. The Oregon Natural Desert Association, a nonprofit conservation organization, created the trail to highlight that Oregon is a desert state […]

Oregon Natural Desert Association, Wahoo Films | 2013 | 9 min. | USA

Scientific Whaling vs. Cultural Whaling

Scientific Whaling is used as a loophole to continue illegal commercial whaling. Furthermore, some countries now claim their scientific whaling is part of their cultural heritage, which makes it absolutely impossible to be scientific whaling. The differences between the two are clear as night and day when spelled out by biologist Dr. Godfrey Merlen.

Jeff Litton | 2013 | 7 min. | Ecuador

Sharing of the Heart: Conversations at IWECI Summit 2013 – Jane Goodall

At the International Women’s Earth and Climate Summit Jane Goodall reflects on women’s leadership as we raise new generations of stewards to care for the planet.

Terra Nyssa | 2013 | 5 min. | USA

Sharks In My Viewfinder (Capak a Keres_mben)

As you watch this film, more than 11.000 sharks are killed worldwide. 300.000 a day. Around 100.000.000 each year. This film is dedicated for these animals. I’m Daniel Selmeczi, underwater photographer. I do not know exactly how many I’ve done, but I do know that I have never been under water without a camera. We […]

Zsolt S | 2012 | 52 min. | Hungary, European Union


Created by Matt Butterworth and Eric Marciniak of Virtu Media, this will be their first full length film release. Featuring up and coming riders in British Columbia; we follow them throughout the province and down into the United States. Shot on location in Kelowna, Vernon, Vancouver’s North Shore, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, Vancouver Island, Oyama, and […]

Matt Butterworth, Eric Marciniak | 2013 | 35 min. | Canada

Silent Voices

My film”Silent Voices” came about because of an interest in film activism at an important time for British Columbia, Canada and the world with regards to energy and the environment. BC is in a unique position as its geography lies between vast oil sands reserves in the east and eager markets to the west. Government […]

David Obrien | 2013 | 8 min. | Canada


Depressed and frustrated with his life, Dr. John Kitchin abandons his career as a neurologist and moves to Pacific Beach. There, he undergoes a radical transformation into SLOMO, trading his lab coat for a pair of rollerblades and his IRA for a taste of divinity.

Josh Izenberg, Amanda Micheli | 2013 | 16 min. | USA

Snows of the Nile

Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains rise 5000m from the heart of Africa. At their summits are some of Earth’s only equatorial glaciers. But these “Mountains of the Moon,” whose existence caused a sensation in Europe when they were first climbed in 1906, are changing fast. Snows of the Nile follows two scientist/photographers on an ambitious expedition to […]

Nathan Dappen, Neil Losin | 2013 | 20 min. | USA


With a pipeline proposal always comes talk of what will be gained — but shouldn’t we be asking, ‘What do we stand to lose?’ A hauntingly beautiful examination of the people and culture of the Great Bear Rainforest– and the lives of those committed to defending its fragile ecosystems and fjords, one paddle stroke at […]

Anthony Bonello, Nicolas Teichrob | 2013 | 46 min. | Canada

Standing on Sacred Ground: Fire and Ice

Mountain cultures around the world protect their ecological heritage with help from a new generation of scientists. In the Gamo Highlands of Ethiopia, spiritual traditions that long protected trees, meadows and mountains are under attack by evangelical Christians. Tensions erupt into a riot as Protestants break ground for a church in a sacred meadow. In […]

Christopher McLeod | 2013 | 56 min. | USA

Standing on Sacred Ground: Islands of Sanctuary

Aboriginal Australians and Native Hawaiians resist threats to their sacred places in a growing international movement to defend human rights and protect the environment. In Australia’s Northern Territory, Aboriginal clans maintain Indigenous Protected Areas and stand up to the destructive effects of a mining boom. In Hawai`i, indigenous ecological and spiritual practices restore the island […]

Christopher McLeod | 2013 | 57 min. | USA

Standing on Sacred Ground: Pilgrims and Tourists

Indigenous communities around the world stand in the way of government megaprojects as they defend their sacred places. In the Russian Republic of Altai, activists and shamans create nature parks to rein in tourism and resist a natural gas pipeline through a World Heritage Site. In northern California, Winnemem Wintu girls grind herbs on a […]

Christopher McLeod | 2013 | 57 min. | USA

Standing on Sacred Ground: Profit and Loss

From Papua New Guinea’s rainforests to Canada’s tar sands, extractive industry threatens native peoples’ health, livelihood and cultural survival. In PNG, a Chinese-government owned nickel mine has violently relocated villagers to taboo land and is dumping mining waste into the sea. In Alberta, First Nations people suffer from rare cancers as their traditional hunting grounds […]

Christopher McLeod | 2013 | 56 min. | USA

Stories of TRUST: Calling for Climate Recovery – TRUST Iowa

Glori Dei Filippone, a 13-year-old from Iowa, is many things, including an actress, singer, athlete, and big sister. But most importantly, Glori is a connector. She remembers when she was little, driving past factories and thinking the smoke was coming from a cloud machine. When her parents explained that the smoke was actually bad for […]

Kelly Matheson, Deia Schlosberg | 2012 | 7 min. | USA

Stories of TRUST: Calling for Climate Recovery – TRUST Massachusetts

18-year-old Eshe Sherley speaks about justice. As a systems thinker, Eshe believes that climate change is a social justice issue. Since the age of 13, Eshe has been giving speeches and starting petitions in the hopes of showing that we can change our patterns by listening to the diversity of voices and ideas, including youth. […]

Christi Cooper-Kuhn, Kelly Matheson, Deia Schlosberg, Sean Solowiej, Katie Lose Gilbertson | 2012 | 9 min. | USA

Stories of TRUST: Calling for Climate Recovery – TRUST Montana

John Thiebes, a 24-year-old beginning farmer, shares that one of the most important moments in his life was when he realized climate change was real. Even more important was the moment he realized he personally had to do something significant about it. And he has. John has set out to change agricultural practices to protect […]

Kelly Matheson, Deia Schlosberg | 2011 | 7 min. | USA


What does the future of energy really hold? Join energy visionary Dr. Scott Tinker on a spectacular global adventure to find out. Dr. Tinker explores the world’s leading energy sites, from coal to solar, oil to biofuels, many highly restricted and never before seen on film. He gets straight answers from the people driving energy […]

Harry Lynch, Dr. Scott Tinker | 2012 | 98 min. | USA

Tahoe Time 1.5

Tahoe Time 1.5 is a culmination of work over a period of 14 months living in Lake Tahoe. The beauty and essence of Tahoe is addictive. I learned early on that shooting video or photography of the area doesn’t display it the way it truly is. This is where I picked of time lapse photography […]

Justin Majeczky | 2012 | 5 min. | USA

TEAM Network: Badru’s Story

Each year Badru Mugerwa sets 60 camera traps in the rugged forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. His work is part of the TEAM Network, a global web of field stations that provide an early warning system for loss of biodiversity in tropical forests. Badru and his fellow TEAM scientists have collected over […]

Benjamin Drummond, Sara Joy Steele | 2013 | 6 min. | USA

Tell It on the Mountain – Stories of the Pacific Crest Trail

Tell it on the Mountain is part adventure film, part documentary, and part video journal. It follows a diverse cast of characters as they undertake a life-changing journey along the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), a string of trails running from the US Mexico border, through the heart of California, Oregon and Washington, and ending 7 […]

Lisa Diener, Shaun Carrigan | 2013 | 119 min. | USA

The Great Vacation Squeeze

The United States is the only rich country without a law requiring paid vacation time for workers, and American vacations, already among the shortest in the world, are getting shorter. Vacations matter–for health, family bonding, nature appreciation, and many other factors. Beautifully photographed in Yosemite National Park, Europe and Washington State, this film makes the […]

John de Graaf, David Fox, Diana Wilmar, Greg Davis | 2013 | 27 min. | USA

The Joy of Air

“Leave the ground beneath your feet, Rise up, your inner legend greet. A body in motion — Twisting, turning, churning, yearning — Apex found, heaven bound. But remember, what goes up must come down. Director Bryan Smith of Reel Water Productions explores the concept of catching air across a variety of sports. Words by Fitz […]

Bryan Smith, Fitz Cahall | 2013 | 4 min. | Canada

The Last Ocean

With stunning footage of Antarctica’s unique landscapes and wild life, The Last Ocean profiles the international battle over commercial fishing in the Ross Sea, the last pristine ocean ecosystem on earth.

Peter Young | 2012 | 53 min. | New Zealand

The Lightbulb Conspiracy

The Light Bulb Conspiracy uncovers how planned obsolescence has shaped our lives and economy since the 1920’s, when manufacturers deliberately started shortening the life of consumer products to increase demand. The film also profiles a new generation of consumers, designers and business people who have started challenging planned obsolescence as an unsustainable economic driver. Shot […]

Cosima Dannoritzer, Joan | 2010 | 52 min. | Spain

The New Environmentalists: A Change In The Air

A mother of three led her Chicago community in a successful campaign to shut down two of the country’s oldest and dirtiest coal fired power plants — Kimberly Wasserman is now transforming those sites into parks. Tom Dusenbery, Andrew Black, Quinn Costello (USA, 2013, 4.5min)


The New Environmentalists: Fractured Wilderness

Jonathan Deal is leading a concerted campaign against a fracking project that threatens the Karoo, where sparse desert and majestic mountains converge to create an agriculture heartland and flourishing wildlife reserves in South Africa. John Antonelli, Andrew Black, Todd Miro’ (USA/S.Africa, 2013, 4.5min)


The New Environmentalists: Marshland Dreams

                    Iraq’s Mesopatamia Marshes had been a vital life force for centuries until Saddam Hussein destroyed them with a devastating military maneuver. Azzam Alwash has taken on the challenge of restoring the marshes to their original splendor. John Antonelli, Andrew Black, Todd Miro’  (USA/Iraq, 2013, 4.5min)


The New Environmentalists: The Disposables

Unfazed by powerful political opponents and a pervasive culture of violence, Nohrah Padilla organized the marginalized waste pickers to make recycling a legitimate part of Bogota Colombia’s waste management system. Will Parrinello, Vicente Franco, Quinn Costello (USA/Colombia, 2013, 4.5min)


The New Environmentalists: Weaving A Movement

When Indonesian marble mining companies began to exploit the pristine mountains surrounding her West Timor homeland, Mama Aleta Baun organized the villagers in a weaving protest that lasted months and received international recognition. John Antonelli, Barry Schienberg, Todd Miro’ (USA/Indonesia, 2013, 4.5min)


The New Environmentalists: Zero Sum Game

Elementary school teacher Rossano Ercolini began a public education campaign about the dangers of incinerators in his small Tuscan town that grew into a national Zero Waste movement across Italy, eventually spreading throughout Europe. Will Parrinello, James Iacona, Quinn Costello (USA/Italy, 2013, 4.5min)                        


The Price of Sand

The frac sand mining boom in Minnesota and Wisconsin is due to a rapid increase in demand for pure silica sand, which has become a valuable commodity, and mines are opening here at a rapid rate. Silica is used for glass manufacturing and toothpaste, and has been mined for years, but new demand for silica […]

Jim Tittle | 2013 | 56 min. | USA

The Scared is Scared

I asked a six year old what my movie should be about, and this is what he told me.

Bianca Giaever | 2013 | 8 min. | USA

The Sensei

Forty-three-year-old Yuji Hirayama is one of the great legends of modern climbing. Near retirement, he plans one big swan-song mission to complete a project, one of his hardest ever, at the spectacular summit of Mount Kinabalu, on the island of Borneo. But first he must find the right partner. Enter Daniel Woods, the young American […]

Josh Lowell, Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen | 2013 | 26 min. | USA

The Squeakiest Roar

“The Squeakiest Roar tells the story of a little lion called Bapoto. He is desperate to have a big, loud roar like his brothers and sisters, but every time he tries, Bapoto makes a very different sound. His roar is high and squeaky. Saddened, Bapoto decides he will never roar again. Until one day he […]

Maggie Rogers | 2010 | 4 min. | England

The Story of Solutions

We’re told to cheer a growing economy ? more roads, malls, and Stuff! ? even though our health indicators are worsening, income inequality is growing, and polar icecaps are melting. But what if the goal of our economy wasn’t more, but better ? better health, better jobs, and a better chance to survive on the […]

Louis Fox, Erica Priggen, Annie Leonard, Jonah Sachs, Ruben DeLuna | 2013 | 9 min. | USA

The Strong People

September 17th, 2011 marked the beginning of a three-year river restoration project on the Elwha River in Washington State. The main component of the restoration project is the removal of both the Glines Canyon and Elwha dams. The dams, erected almost one hundred years ago, flooded Lower Elwha Klallam tribal sites and depleted the Tribe’s […]

Heather Hoglund | 2013 | 35 min. | USA

Titans of the Ice Age

Titans of the Ice Age transports viewers to the beautiful and otherworldly frozen landscapes of North America, Europe and Asia ten thousand years before modern civilization. Dazzling computer-generated imagery brings this mysterious era to life–from saber-toothed cats and giant sloths to the iconic mammoths, giants both feared and hunted by prehistoric humans. The magic of […]

David Clark, Reed Smoot, Don Kempf, Andy Wood, Laura Sadler, J.W. Croft, Ph.D., Jean-Fran | 2013 | 38 min. | USA


Starring Jeremy Irons, Trashed looks at the risks to the food chain and the environment through pollution of our air, land, and sea by waste. The film reveals surprising truths about very immediate and potent dangers to our health. It is a global conversation from Iceland to Indonesia between the film star Jeremy Irons and […]

Candida Brady, Titus Ogilvy | 2012 | 97 min. | UK

Two Wheels Good

Combining live action and animation, four inspiring veterans of the open road celebrate life in the saddle.

Barry Gene Murphy, John Kelleher | 2012 | 9 min. | Ireland

Unacceptable Levels

Today, we have over 80,000 chemicals in our system of commerce and shockingly, there are few limitations on these at this time, and our bodies are being forced to deal with them every single day. On average, all of us have over 232 industrial chemicals floating around in our bodies, and the research is showing […]

Ed Brown | 2013 | 76 min. | USA

Uranium Drive-In

Uranium Drive-In follows a proposed uranium mill in southwestern Colorado – the first to be built in the U.S. in 30 years — and the emotional debate pitting a population desperate for jobs and financial stability against an environmental group based in nearby a resort town. Without judgment, both sides of the issue are brought […]

Suzan Beraza, Michelle Maughan, Judith Kohin | 2013 | 70 min. | USA


With mind-altering cinematography and a genre bending narrative, VALHALLA tells the tale of one man’s search for satisfaction, understanding, and love in some of the deepest snows on earth. Weaving story and character with face-melting backcountryski and snowboard action, Valhalla is a vivid explosion of color, character, snow, and nostalgic soul. *This film contains nudity.

Ben Sturgulewski, Nick Waggoner, Zac Ramras, Mike Brown | 2013 | 64 min. | USA

Vultures of Tibet

In rapidly developing Western China, Sky Burial – a sacred ritual where the bodies of Tibetan dead are fed to wild griffon vultures – becomes a popular tourist attraction. This intimate window reveals the current state of Sky Burial as an anecdote of the larger ideological issues in Tibet today – exploring a world in […]

Russell O. Bush, Elisabeth Oakham, Annie Bush | 2013 | 19 min. | USA

Walk On Water

Having been paralyzed from the waist down in a ski accident, Greg Mallory finds new life through whitewater kayaking. Greg’s story is a celebration of the spirit that lives within each of us–pushing us to explore, live and thrive despite all odds.

Andy Maser | 2013 | 5 min. | USA

Water & Wood

After more than a century of ‘cleaning’ dead wood out of our rivers, we have accidentally removed critical life support systems needed for salmon and many other river creatures… and it’s now time for some heavy lifting. Water & Wood shows how far some restoration groups are going to get this important habitat element back […]

Jeremy Monroe, David Herasimtschuk | 2013 | 4 min. | USA

Water Lovin’ Nudies

Every spring, in the tributaries and still pools of the South Yuba River, an extraordinary ritual takes place. This two-minute short is a small peek into the lives of one of the Yuba’s many eclectic residents.

Debra and Tom Weistar | 2013 | 2 min. | USA

We Are Rhino

The eccentric millionaire farmer who wants to legalize trade in rhino horn so he can harvest and sell the horns of his 800 rhinos. The angry American anti-poaching soldier who wants to wipe poachers off the face of the planet. The emotional rhino sanctuary owner who wants to personally protect every living rhino. 3 VERY […]

Spencer Austin | 2013 | 21 min. | UK

What if Cannabis Cured Cancer

This forbidden herb has healing properties beyond any other plant on the planet– interacting as it does with the body’s own “endocannabinoid system” to keep us disease-free. An eye-opening film about the future of cannabis–and perhaps even the future of medicine.

Len Richmond | 2011 | 60 min. | USA

Who Rules the Earth?

Who Rules the Earth? uses animation to bring to life the most important idea to emerge from the social sciences over the past century: how social rules shape our planet and our lives. Combining science, beauty, and activism within a compelling narrative, Who Rules the Earth? brings the audience on a discovery adventure quite unlike […]

Paul Steinberg, animated by 11 students at CalArts | 2014 | 10 min. | USA

Wild & Scenic North Fork American River

The North Fork American River near Auburn California is still threatened to be flooded by the long stalled Auburn Dam. Local, State and Federal politicians are once again trying to revive the congressionally authorized dam to be built. Protect American River Canyons (PARC), an Auburn-based river conservation group, is working towards creating California Wild & […]

Doug Stanley, Michael Anderson | 2013 | 6 min. | USA

Wings of Life

WINGS OF LIFE launches into the stories of selected animal characters–a bat, a hummingbird, a butterfly, and a bee–stories that reveal the extraordinary importance of flowers and their pollinator partners. Though we primarily associate flowers with beauty, we often don’t realize how essential they truly are–that without flowing plants and their winged messengers, and the […]

Louie Schwartzberg, Alix Tidmarsh | 2013 | 80 min. | USA

Xmas Without China

Two families living in the same community collide when pride and mischief inspire Chinese immigrant Tom Xia to challenge the Jones family to celebrate Christmas without any Chinese products.

Alicia Dwyer, Tom Xia | 2013 | 63 min. | USA

Yosemite: A Gathering of Spirit

“Yosemite: A Gathering of Spirit,” celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Yosemite Grant, and the birth of the national park idea. The landmark federal act, signed by Abraham Lincoln, forever preserved the Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias. Visionary Americans like Abraham Lincoln, Galen Clark, John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt understood that […]

Ken Burns, Dayton Duncan | 2013 | 25 min. | USA