What’s Involved?
We provide a turn-key festival in a box and you execute the on-the-ground logistics. You’ll treat this like any event you want to be successful: You’ll find an appropriate venue, do lots of grassroots marketing, get volunteers and secure the technical requirements.

The two thing we ask most are…

  1. Identify ways to reach “new” people in your community
  2. Only commit to hosting the festival if you plan to have a successful, sold-out event. Host partners should aim to secure a theater with at least 200 seats.

What if we’ve never organized and event of this nature before?
The “Tool Kit” and the step-by-step instructions make it simple and easy. We’ll give you everything from organizational checklists and execution timelines to tips on working with the media and greening your event. We’ve streamlined the entire process so once you secure your venue, film program and technical equipment, you’ll mainly just need to focus on the marketing and outreach.

Will it be a money maker?
Yes! The festival is an effective fundraiser. We wouldn’t suggest hosting the festival if it didn’t have the potential to raise funds for your organization. The success of SYRCL’s home festival is why we decided to take it on the road. The best thing to do is weigh the costs and build a budget:

  • Costs: tour costs, venue cost, tech staff, equip. rental, PR, printing and concessions
  • Income: ticket sales, private donors, potential local sponsors, concessions, silent auction, raffle sales, etc…

Seems like a lot of work?
It does require a committed effort but we’ve streamlined the event so you can focus mostly on outreach and marketing. If you consider every person you talk to about the event, every interview you do for the event and outreach effort you perform, the event will more than pay for itself.  It becomes more than coordinating an event, it becomes a vehicle for getting your message, issue and organization in front of potential new activists. It’s not just an event, it’s its own campaign with measurable targets. Piggyback the festival with a campaign or membership drive to facilitate your organization’s goals. It’s not a stand alone event, it’s a means to an end.

How many hours does it require?
Based on past venues, expect the main coordinator to spend on average 150 hours organizing the event.

Do you come to our tour venue?
No. We do not travel to the tour venues. We’ve chosen to not tour to each venue for four reasons: 1) we have prepared such a turn-key program that we do not have to. 2) It cuts down our greenhouse gas emissions and keeps our carbon footprint low. 3) By not traveling to each venue, your tour date is not dictated by our schedule. You can pick a date that works best for your organization and community. 4) We do not want to take stage time away from the host group. We want our host groups to be the emcee and use every stage opportunity to encourage membership.

What attendance can we expect?
Attendance is dependent on the size of the venue and the extent of your outreach and marketing efforts. Successful past venues have sold out 200, 300, 500 and event 1000 seat theaters. On average, we ask all our venues to set a goal of 200.

What is an average ticket price?
You set the cost of the ticket. It is based on the budget you set. $10-$12 is an average ticket price set by most venues. Free is not recommended because it attaches no value to the event. Too expensive ($15 or higher) and you push people’s threshold for what they are comfortable paying.

Reaching “past the choir”?
We’re not going to make any headway in the environmental movement if only like-minded individuals attend events like the Wild & Scenic On Tour. We need to reach out past the choir. But how do we do that? Wild & Scenic has compiled a list of recruitment strategies for bringing together a diverse audience from your community. We developed the tour because we realize the films can create a common ground for people of all affiliations to meet, listen and talk. The festival can initiate cooperative efforts in your community leading to interest-based collaboration that fosters dialogue pertinent to broader transformation.

What is a diverse audience?
You want to have an audience of all kinds of political beliefs, opinions, interests and demographics. When both sides are brought together, people will look around and see that we really aren’t that different. We all want a healthy planet. Once we reach that common ground, we can start finding solutions.

Are the films all environmental?
YES! 100% environmental. Films range from alternative energy and community activism to solutions on global warming and the protection of our Wild Places. See our films list.

Do we get to choose the films?
Yes, most definitely! It is a lot of fun to select your own films and build a program that address the issues you want to highlight. We provide a menu of 55+ films to choose from. We offer film trailers online and a list of film bios to aid you in your selection process. Once under contract, we provide a pass code to our secure channel on Vimeo.com where you can watch the full-length version of our longer films. And we offer three pre-set programs which serve as a playlist sample.

There are a lot of film festivals, so why Wild & Scenic?
Wild & Scenic focuses strictly on environmental films that raise awareness, promote sustainability and gives a call to action. Most other film festivals focus just on adventure and mountain culture. Our festival has a purpose: Inspire Activism!

What if we just developed our own film festival?
Instead of having to build your own film festival, we’ve done it for you. We’ve done all the trial and error and packaged it into a proven model that is a turn-key event, both affordable and effective. We’ve pre-screened over 300 films, contacted all the filmmakers, handled all the contracts/licenses, developed a logo, designed promotional collateral and a comprehensive How-to-Kit. it’s like buying a house that is already built and all you have to do is pick out the wallpaper and light fixtures. And by partnering with the festival, you join a grassroots network of other Wild & Scenic venues. That common bond will make you part of a larger movement than your own.

Is there any promotional help?
You don’t have to design any graphics or create any collateral. We provide a complete, online, graphics package including poster, ticket, program and handbill templates. We’ll also provide a laundry list of inexpensive ways to promote the festival and dress up your event with fun features.

What technical skills does it require?
We will provide complete technical guidelines. We require each venue follow these strict requirements to ensure quality. Without a suitable tech system, you do not have a film festival! And it is imperative that you have an experienced technician to operate the projector equipment, lights and sound.

What’s the best kind of venue?
When selecting a venue, there are many questions to ask yourself: how many people do you want to attend, are there front stage lights for an emcee, area for tabling in the lobby, what’s the size of the projector screen, what are the projector capabilities, etc… Most importantly, think about location! Ask yourself: what location will draw the best crowd and the audience you are targeting, where does the community come to gather? Look at cinemas, schools, stage theaters, halls, etc… Ask for a non-profit discount or better yet, get it donated.