Host a Wild & Scenic Event

We invite you to bring the Wild & Scenic Film Festival to your community and increase the groundswell for the environmental movement through the power of film.

Our tour program offers a wonderful way to educate, entertain, and motivate audiences in your town. Wild and Scenic On Tour can help raise funds/friends for a local organization, gain exposure for an environmental campaign,  and create a new educational and inspiring event for your community.

Wild & Scenic On Tour makes it easy and affordable to host a screening. We provide a turnkey event with all the films, promotional materials and a complete How-To-Kit. By taking out the guesswork, our ‘festival in a box” allows you to concentrate on reaching out into your community to bring together a diverse audience and have a successful event. It starts with a simple application and once we get started, it only takes three months to build your event.  Let us show you how!

If you are interested in hosting a Wild & Scenic On Tour venue, please review the host guidelines below. Here you will see how to apply, what you are responsible for and what the festival kit includes. It is important to note…The festival staff does NOT travel to your venue. We have created a streamlined program so we don’t have to travel to venues; therefore reducing our carbon footprint. And since your event is not dependent upon our travel schedule, you pick the date that works best for your organization and community! You build your film program from our menu of 70+ films, then we send the films you selected formatted and ready to go on one DVD!

If you are interested in hosting the film festival in your community and want more details email us.

How to get started:

  1. Review the Guidelines below.
  2. Call or email for rates and details: (530) 265-5961 x204
  3. Find a venue and select a date (but you don’t need a confirmed date to apply)
  4. Must book event a minimum of 90-days in advance
  5. Download the On Tour Application.
  6. Submit your application to the tour manager
  7. You’ll be sent the Wild & Scenic On Tour’s Festival Kit including all the promotional and technical materials to get started.
  8. Sign contract and send in deposit

Tour Includes:

  • Status as an official Wild & Scenic Film Festival tour venue.
  • 3-hours of environmental films for a one time screening.
  • Build a custom film program from a menu of 70+ films, build a longer program, or expand to two days, for a minimal charge (inquiry for details).
  • We pre-screen over 350 of the best environmental films each year and bring the best on tour.
  • Read bios, watch trailers and short films at our Online Screening Page. Makes it easy to pick films for your program.
  • Full-length versions are available for preview on a secure website.
  • Once built, film program arrives on a ready to play DVD.
  • All filmmaker contracts and film licensing fees are  handled by Wild & Scenic. All you do is pick the films you want in your program.
  • Each festival program starts with the “official” Wild & Scenic opening trailer (3-minutes). It is a professionally crafted intro which is a mix of film stills, video and music.
  • A comprehensive Tool Kit with all the guidelines including execution timelines & organizational checklists
    • Promotional and Media Guidelines
    • Technical and Digital Guidelines
    • Sponsorship Guidelines
    • Sample press release
    • Outreach strategies for reaching “past the choir”
    • Ideas for “dressing up” your event
  • Complete graphics package…Wild & Scenic provides easy to use templates that each tour venue customizes for their event. These materials will be used to promote your event. Online Media Resources Page offers access to downloadable templates for a poster, program, ticket and handbill. Film stills, graphics, logos and sample ads are also available.
  • Event kits automatically drop-shipped by our National Partners: Patagonia, Sierra Nevada Brewing, CLIF Bar, Klean Kanteen, Barefoot Wine & Bubbly, Earthjustice and Orion Magazine.
  • Resources for contacting filmmakers for interviews or to be a guest speaker.
  • One weekend pass to the home festival
  • On-call support from the festival’s Associate Producer of Wild & Scenic Events.

What’s NOT Included:

  • A venue
  • Projection equipment, lighting and sound system
  • Technician for digital equipment
  • Local marketing and promotion
  • Ticketing
  • Support staff and volunteers