National Partners

The Alliance of National Partners are four like-minded companies, Patagonia, CLIF Bar,  Sierra Nevada Brewery Co. and media partner, Mother Jones. They have come together on one joint campaign…to use film to inspire activism! The Wild & Scenic On Tour offers a mobile way for these green companies to band together and share their passionate message for environmental stewardship.

By joining forces, SYRCL and the National Partners can use the strength of their common goals to bring this motivating film festival to as many viewers and potential activists as possible. By showing the Wild & Scenic Film Festival to diverse audiences across the country, the films can help inspire more individuals to take action and help in the environmental movement.

PATAGONIA The film festival takes Patagonia’s mission of finding solutions for the environmental crisis to reaching people across the country and inspiring a nation to find solutions. Patagonia is a leader in innovative, outdoor apparel. Their insight and commitment to the environment has resulted in creating the best product that causes the least harm.

CLIF BAR & COMPANY is a leading maker of organic and all-natural energy and nutrition foods and drinks, including the CLIF® BAR energy bar delivering nutrition for sustained energy; LUNA®, The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women®; and CLIF KidÔ, a complete line of organic, nutritious snack solutions for on-the-go children. Committed to sustainability, Clif Bar & Company works continuously to reduce its footprint on the planet from the field to the final product.


SIERRA NEVADA BREWING CO.’S primary mission is to produce the finest quality beers and ales without compromising its role as a good corporate citizen and environmental steward. SNBC applies resource conservation and reusing/recycling raw materials as guiding operating principles. In 2008, Sierra Nevada diverted 99% of their total solid waste through recycling and reuse efforts and installed one of the largest privately owned solar installations in the country to help power the brewery. To learn more about Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.’s environmental commitment, visit their website or stop by their booth.


“We’re proud to support Wild & scenic in its mission to advance environmental sustainability.  Since 1976 we’ve published groundbreaking journalism at the intersection of politics, media, and the environment. Our award-winning reporting informs, provokes, and inspires.”