Art at Wild & Scenic

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival is proud to partner with Nevada County Arts for the fourth year in an effort to increase awareness of the intersection between arts and the environment.  To achieve this goal, all local and regional artists are invited to submit their environmental artwork for possible inclusion at the 2015 Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Nevada City.  More than 40 businesses, wineries, cafes and galleries will exhibit selected art during the 13th annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival.  This is a unique opportunity for more than 4,500 attendees to be exposed to your art.

The film festival theme for 2015 is “A Wild Life.” Artists are encouraged to submit pieces that address this theme head on, particularly as it relates to nature and human interaction with our environment. “Exhibiting Wild & Scenic art adds another layer to the festival experience and immerses attendees in an environmental experience throughout town,” says Melinda Booth, Film Festival Director.  All entries are to be submitted via the Nevada County Arts website, where you can also find the complete submission guidelines, too.

Application Deadlines and Fees:

Early Application Deadline: September 20, 2014; $20
Regular Application Deadline: October 18, 2014; $30
Extended Application Deadline: November 1, 2014; $45
Student Application Deadline: November 1, 2014; $5
(Must be 19 or under with a valid student id)
Note: All fees are directly invested in the cost of the Exhibition & Prize Program.

Categories: Each piece of artwork should be submitted in one of the following categories. Judging and prizes will be organized into these categories:

A. Photography
B. Two Dimensional Art
C. Three Dimensional Art
D. Student Artist
Best of Theme – A Wild Life – will also be awarded
Prize amounts will vary in value, but range in value between $50 and $300.

We look forward to the works of art our community will create and thanks in advance for your participation!

Check out last year’s winners and featured artists below and good luck!


2014 Wild & Scenic Film Festival Art Exhibit Awards






LeeAnn Brook

Linda Galusha

Tristan Berlund


Karin Johnson

Andrew Sellery

Tahiti Pehrson


James Pyle

Eli Rush



Kelsey Bowen




Peggy Wright

Radical Art for Our Times



Paul Colangelo at the Stonehouse

National Geographic Explorer and iLCP photographer Paul Colangelo showcases a series of wildlife photographs illustrating Canada’s tangled web of development and the environmental implications of the nation’s blind race towards northern resource development. Paul’s work is displayed at The Stonehouse, and he presents a special talk on Saturday, 5pm at the same venue.

Matt Black at Festival Headquarters

Matt Black’s images explore the hidden human cost of cheap food and cheap labor in California’s Central Valley. He is displaying his images at Fest HQ, highlighting the living and working conditions for the state’s 450,000 undocumented  farm laborers. Matt’s film, Harvest of Shadows, screens Sunday morning at The Stonehouse and Sunday afternoon at Yuba River Charter School.


Ridge Tapestry History Project at the Center for the Arts

Since 2008, the Ridge Tapestry History Project has been a work of many hands, created to express the history and culture of the San Juan Ridge and its meaning as a place. The tapestries are displayed at the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley.


Betsy Abrams
Kara Asilanis
Tristan Berlund
Matt Black
Eileen Blodgett

Kelsey Bowen
Greta Broda
LeeAnn Brook
Geolyn Carvin
Neighborhood Center of the Arts

Paul Colangelo
Liz Collins
Jennifer Rain Crosby
John Daly
Paul Dessau

Margie Determan
Eryka Fiedler
Linda Galusha
Leland Grammer
Karel Hendee

Ed Hensley
Karin Johnson
Martha Jones
Ronald Kenedi
Gail Lipson

Jonathan Lyerly
Bruce Malnor
Margie Miller
David Mooney
Tahiti Pehrson

Louise Preston
James Pyle
Radical Art for These Times
Ridge Tapestry History Project
Kerstin Ronsiek

Edward Rotberg
Eli Rush
Andrew Sellery
Mike Shea
Jane Theobald

Mark Wagner
Katie Wolff
David Wong
Peggy Wright
Alessya Yantsevich