2015 Official Film Selections

2015-WSFF Official Selection- LaurelAfter many months of seeking and screening films, the 2015 Official Selections for SYRCL’s 13th annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival have been made.  130 films were selected out of well over 400 submissions.  Close to two thousand hours were spent to create this line-up of world-class environmental and adventure films.  Festival Director Melinda Booth and our all-volunteer Program Committee screened, evaluated, and debated the value of including the chosen films.  A big thanks to the Program Committee: Carolyn Murphy, Zara Houshmand, Sharon Lane, Matty Law, Meg Hanley, Jon Wilson, and  Janice Rosner for their contribution.

Film descriptions and some trailers are available now to give you a taste of what to expect come January.  Just because a film wasn’t selected doesn’t mean it wasn’t a wonderful, meaningful and worthwhile film.  There are so many well-made and important films vying for the very limited space in our program. We deeply respect the tireless effort (and life blood and life savings) that went into creating all submitted films.

Oh, and tickets are on sale now so be sure to secure  your spot at the festival today.