2018 Wild & Scenic Films Now Available in Library

Calling all SYRCL Members.

Stop by the South Yuba River Citizens League office to check out 2018 selections today

and relive the inspiration of our 16th Annual Wild & Scenic!

The wait is over. If you are an active SYRCL member you can now borrow a selection of films that were featured in our 2018 Wild & Scenic Film Festival, including several of this past year’s Award Winners. Looking for a vintage title? The film library also includes the 15 previous years of Wild & Scenic films. Browse through the entire catalog of Film titles either By Title or By Genre, from 2003-present. You can also check out the Wild & Scenic Films page to see which films will be available in the library by using the film filters “By Library”, “By Year,” “By Genre” and more to narrow down your choices. Need a refresher on the guidelines for renting films? Head on over to our Film Library Page and familiarize yourself with the rental process.

To get you excited about the new additions, we’ve enlisted SYRCL Executive Director and former Wild & Scenic Festival Director Melinda Booth to share a Staff Pick for March.

Valve Turners

Steve Liptay | 2017 | 9 min.

Choosing films for the festival each year is an incredibly hard job and a big responsibility.  When I sit down to screen a film, I root for each one.

I hope it will tell a compelling story, draw attention to an important issue and inspire the viewers.  Valve Turners was one of the first films during screenings for 2018 selections that fired on all cylinders for me.  I believe it embodies a Wild & Scenic film to the core. I watched it with tears in my eyes, proud, devastated, grateful, appalled, and mad. Proud of the activists willing to go to extreme measures to stand up for what they believe and be heard, when all other avenues had failed.  Devastated because this film shows yet another example of how broken so many of our systems are.  Grateful for all those out there willing to stand up over and over again for what is right, despite being repeatedly ignored, condescended to, undermined, and worse.  Appalled at our tendency to value individual profit over the greater good.  And mad, because how can you not be?

Watch this film and be inspired to make a difference for something you are passionate about. That’s a Wild & Scenic film.

Valve Turners joins about 70 other Wild & Scenic films as they travel the globe to over 180 locations with our On Tour program. February 1 kicked off the 2018 Tour season, and this one promises to be bigger and better than ever, reaching over 50,000 people worldwide.

Please note: SYRCL’s film library is a perk for members to enjoy films in the comfort of their home, they are not meant for public viewings. Thank you for respecting the rights of our filmmakers! Some films are not available due to distribution or permission restrictions. If you have any questions about the Film Library, call or email Wild & Scenic Film Festival Liaison, Jess Swigonski at 530-265-5961 x 219. And remember, to check out a film (for free!), you must be an active SYRCL member. Not sure if you are? Call or email Alena Loomis at 530-265-5961 ext 220 to check your membership status. If you know you aren’t a current member or simply need to renew, visit our Membership page and get signed up.