Please help us to make Wild & Scenic Green!

green1Ride your bike, carpool or take public transportation to Wild & Scenic. There will also be a BIG bulletin board at HQ. Please be sure to post your name and cell number if you are willing to give a ride to someone, or if you need a ride.

Bring your own REUSABLE COFFEE MUG to our event. Use your own coffee mug at concessions and get a discount on coffee.

Create a festival bag (or backpack). In your reusable bag, BRING YOUR OWN REUSABLE PLATE, UTENSILS, CUP, and NAPKIN. Although we have compostables at Wild & Scenic, using your own utensils is far more sustainable.

BUY A KLEAN KANTEEN REUSABLE CUP and get discounts on beer and wine throughout the festival!

Please AVOID BIO-PLASTICS! Yes, bio-plastics might be better than petroleum-based single-use plastics under certain circumstances, but they do not break down in home-scale compost piles, only in commercial composting facilities which are hard to find. The commercial composting center we use for the film festival – Recology – is unable to accept bio-plastics. They pollute the recycling stream because they look like recyclable plastic but they are not. They become landfill waste and are typically made from GMO corn, which requires a lot of land and water to grow.

Bring your own REUSABLE BAGS for shopping at HQ for merchandise.

green2Use the recycling and composting bins at the event. Let’s get as close to ZERO WASTE as possible. Think before you throw – there are signs and volunteers who will help you to separate your recyclables, compostables, and landfill materials.

Are you buying a Weekend Pass? Bring your own REUSABLE LANYARD.

Look for the special recycling boxes in each venue – please be sure to RECYCLE YOUR PASS HOLDERS AND PROGRAMS before you leave the festival.

Do you have an ELECTRIC CAR? There is an electric car charging station at the back of the Miners Foundry.

Don’t forget to bring your OWN REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE. No bottled water is sold at the festival. There are water fountains or taps at each venue. Plus, there are 2 water filters at the Miners Foundry, 1 at the Vets Hall, and 1 at Festival Headquarters – a generous donation from PureWater.

Do you need to buy a REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE? We’d like thank national partner, KLEAN KANTEEN. We’ll be selling their Wild & Scenic stainless steel bottles and pint cups at HQ.

And lastly – how about buying some CARBON OFFSETS to cover your trip to the festival? Go to,, or

Thank you for your help Greening the Wild & Scenic Film Fest!