Activate Your Groundswell with Wild & Scenic

You know by now that Wild & Scenic Film Festival aims to inspire and activate participants with the best environmental and adventure films around. Our commitment to sparking the groundswell goes even further. Wild & Scenic wants to send people home with the tools they need to win their environmental advocacy efforts throughout the year.

Fest goers can participate in cutting edge advocacy workshops and talks, check out the Enviro Fair featuring organizations doing important work locally and across the planet, and can certainly find a SYRCL outreach booth where you can voice your opposition to Centennial Dam.

“Just as we are fighting to stop the Centennial Dam from being built on the last publicly accessible free-flowing stretch of the Bear River, every community has their own struggles,” says Festival Director, Melinda Booth. “At Wild & Scenic, we aim to provide the inspiration and tools that people need to get involved and achieve their advocacy goals at home and across the planet.”

A couple of fest advocacy highlights include Youth v Gov, where you will hear from young activists who have brought legal action against the US federal government for it’s inaction on climate change, and Valve Turners, where you’ll meet the people who took bold front line action to shut down tar sands pipelines coming into the United States. As these activists face criminal trials, they bravely bring their story and lessons to us.

Check out 11 free workshops here! Then come on out to meet environmental activists doing cutting edge work, and join the groundswell today!