Beyond Film: Wild & Scenic Workshops

Ever wish you could change the world? So do we, and that’s why our activist workshops are one of our favorite offerings at Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Join us at the Activist Center at City Hall in Nevada City and learn how you can get engaged and make a lasting difference on local and global issues of concern.

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We sought out the leaders on the front lines, the innovators and the rabble-rousers, and are bringing the best ideas, strategies, and presenters to Wild & Scenic to get you fully inspired and activated!

Wild & Scenic workshops will guide us through the maze of tools at our fingertips and help us understand how to be effective working on any issue. From upholding the constitution and law to influencing policy, to market based solutions and community building, Wild & Scenic workshop presenters will help us understand how every tool in the toolbox is critical in our work to protect the planet.

Check out our full line up of 2018 activist workshops, including Youth vs. Gov, and Diversity & The Environmental Movement. And don’t forget to check out special offerings in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act!