Connecting People Saving Rivers

Grab your paddle, notebook, and a bag of popcorn. The Wild & Scenic Film Festival is joining our friends at this year’s River Rally happening May 8th – 11th, in Grand Rapids, MI.

Over the past 29 years, River Network has been at the forefront of expanding interest in protecting the waters of our country, encouraging diversity in the environmental movement, and helping engaged citizens to take a stand for their waters. River Rally is a national conference that attracts hundreds of river and watershed protection enthusiasts and experts, conservation professionals, and thought leaders from across the country and the world to learn from each other, share what works, get inspired, and celebrate success.

Each year, the program includes more than 65 workshops, multiple keynote presentations, abundant networking opportunities, and fun activities like field trips and a screening of Wild & Scenic films.

riv logoRiver Rally 2017 will focus on the following 6 themes:

  • Tackling the Drinking Water Crisis and Water Affordability
  • Restoring Urban Rivers and Achieving Resiliency
  • Connecting Communities to Rivers and Recreation
  • Protecting and Restoring Flows
  • Growing Organizational Momentum and Impact
  • Reducing Pollution and Safeguarding Clean Water

After some amazing workshops, attendees can join the Wild & Scenic Film Festival team Wednesday evening May 10th from 8:00pm – 10:30pm at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel for an evening of films with a special focus on what else, rivers! These films will not only take you to some of the most remote and beautiful places on the planet, but instill a deep appreciation and a sense of wonder for the natural world that surrounds and supports us.

Here is the evening’s lineup:

The Wild President

President Jimmy Carter, an unsung environmental hero, grew up in awe of nature’s wonder. But it wasn’t until he first paddled the Chattooga River’s Bull Sluice did he understand the power of a wild river. In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act, happening in 2018, President Carter urges all Americans to protect more wild rivers.


Great Lakes, Bad Lines

Two Michigan-born adventurers journey fossil-free for 500 miles across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula along the route of Enbridge Oil’s Line 5, a 63-year-old pipeline that threatens our inland waters and Great Lakes. Through the lens of adventure, personal stories, and natural beauty, this film highlights the ecosystems and livelihoods that are at risk and inspires all to take action within their own lives.


Milk & Honey

Yuma, Arizona is the land of plenty for nearly all the leafy vegetables Americans enjoy in the winter months. For the people who work the fields, the Colorado River represents not only their livelihood, but a deep, spiritual connection as well. Enjoy this beautiful glimpse into the area’s Latino community and their humble connection to the strained Colorado River.



A childhood connected to nature and adventure leads a woman to the forefront of whitewater rafting. The river calls her to become its protector as she observes the destruction caused by miners during the California gold rush. Learn about Rorie’s work with SYRCL to protect the waters that surround her home – Skyranch.


The Super Salmon

Proponents of a plan to construct a $5.2-billion hydroelectric mega-dam on Alaska’s Susitna River say it wouldn’t affect the watershed’s famous salmon runs because of its location – upstream of where fish usually swim. Tell that to the Super Salmon.