February 15, 2019

Southwest Montana Arts Council

Dillon, MT

STC Great Room

Wild & Scenic On Tour Presented By:

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Films to be screened include:

March of the Newts

Wild & Scenic Film Festival School Program, K-4th grade Follow one of the forest's funkiest creatures into a gangly gathering of amphibious affection... and learn.. Read More

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Meet The Real Wolf

What happens when fairy tales and reality collide? Throughout history, myths about the “big bad wolf” have generated fear and concern that creeps out of.. Read More

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Mexican Fishing Bats

When the sun sets over the Sea of Cortez, a tiny bat weighing about as much as five nickels emerges from the boulder-covered hillsides on.. Read More

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L’orchestre D’hibernation Animaux (How Animals Hibernate)

What if hibernating animals of different species formed an orchestra and performed a symphony about their winter’s sleep? Well, they did—sort of. Because this is.. Read More

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The Path Back

For thousands of years, the buffalo or plains bison sustained the many native tribes that inhabited the Great Plains region of North America. But when.. Read More

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Clay Bolt

Wild & Scenic Film Festival School Program, K-4th grade Clay Bolt is a natural history and conservation photographer for World Wildlife Fund and has been.. Read More

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Aiden’s Butterflies

IN PERSON: Brad Mays (Director) Meet 11-year-old Aiden Wang, who has been growing milkweed and harboring and releasing Monarch Butterflies since he was 6 years.. Read More

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When night falls on the mountains, it is by no means time to go to bed for Valentin Delluc. It's in the dark that one.. Read More

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Fresh off training wheels, a four-year-old growing up in Valdez, Alaska begins to push her boundaries and explore what’s possible on her bike, her eyes.. Read More

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Girls and Glaciers

Wild & Scenic Film Festival School Program, 9-12th grade This film follows teenagers Akua and Melodie as they expand their personal boundaries in challenging high.. Read More

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My Mom Vala

Life has a way of putting us where we need to be. For Vala, that's in both Greenland - where she works at her family's.. Read More

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Big World

IN PERSON: David Morton (Director); Thorne Morton (Subject) As parents, how do we teach our kids that there is a world beyond social media, standardized.. Read More

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