Everything Art at Wild & Scenic

We love showcasing amazing artistic talent at Wild & Scenic! So, we’ve teamed up again with Nevada County Arts Council to bring you the best from our region and beyond. Juried art can be viewed during the fest at seven locations in both Grass Valley and Nevada City. Art strolls are scheduled in both towns, plus you won’t want to miss the special hands-on art events and talented featured artists. To get it all started, join us for the Art Reception and Award Ceremony on Thursday from 4:30-6:30!

Here’s the whole scoop:

Art Reception and Award Ceremony
Thursday, 4:30–6:30pm at 151 Union Square in Grass Valley (address is 151 Mill St)
Thank you to our 2018 judges: Elizabeth Carmel, Alice A. Carter and Courtney Granner!

Making Art on Earth
An outdoor land art workshop with Nevada City Arts Council Artist-in-Residence, Ruth Chase. Create a group art installation outdoors to communicate a sense of belonging.
Friday, 1-3:30 – Camp Woolman

Art Strolls
Pick up your Art Stroll map at headquarters and head on out to meet the artists!
Friday, 4-6pm – Nevada City
Saturday, 3:30-5:30 – Grass Valley

Community Art Tapestry Demo
The San Juan Ridge Tapestry Project is a community art project that illustrates the area’s rich local history and landscape. Marsha Stone will lead a discussion and demonstration about this unique community treasure.
Saturday, 2pm – Lucchesi Tasting Room, Grass Valley

Featured Artists
David Arnold shares his stark and stunning Antarctic icescapes at Nevada City Winery throughout the weekend. These images bring awareness about the immediate impacts of climate change.

Gary Moon’s collection, showcased at the Activist Center at City Hall, is the perfect Wild & Scenic combination of art and activism in action. These photos highlight the beautiful river that is currently threatened by the proposed Centennial Dam.

Congratulations to our juried artists who will be featured at the following venues!

Kimberlee Ellen Brown
Erica Johnsen

LeeAnn Brook Fine Art
Dana Bilello-Barrow
LeeAnn Brook
Kathleen Fenton
Frank Francis
Mike Snegg
Sam Tubiolo

Nevada Theatre
Tim Palmer

Miners Foundry
Jim Bair
Don Baldwin
John Burnett
Kathy Dotson
Jonathan Finegold
Lori Lachman
Gail Lipson
Spencer McClay
David McKay
Hank Meals
Stephen Osborn
Jeff Pleadwell
Pam Reinhardt
Richard Ressman
Jan McNeil Sheffner
Jessica Tietjen
Jim Wilson

Broad Street Bistro
Bear River High School
Neighborhood Center of the Arts
Nevada City School of the Arts
Sylviane Gaumer

Cassandra Burgess
Jill Mahannah
Marsha Stone

The Alexander Gallery
Carolyn Bloom
Betsy Lombard
Denise Wey
Peggy Wright

The Center for the Arts
Jeff Adam
Andres Amador
Don Baldwin
Jude Bischoff
Kimberly Carlsen
Caroline Courtright
Curious Forge Women
Jill Erickson
Don Fogg
Graham Keeble
Jenny Hale
Cedar Moss
Jennifer Rugge
Colleen Wilcox

Thank you to the artists whose work is featured here: Don Baldwin (Tulip Petals – Ananda Gardens) and Marsha Stone (San Juan Ridge Tapestry).