Films Now Streaming Online with ECOSTREAMZ

Selection of Wild & Scenic Films Now Available for Streaming Online!

We are thrilled to announce Wild & Scenic Film Festival’s exciting new partnership with the subscription-based online streaming platform, ECOSTREAMZ. Year after year, our attendees are more frequently asking if the films we screen at our festival will be available to view online. Ask and you shall receive, our friends! ECOSTREAMZ now has a Wild & Scenic Film Festival portal where subscribers can check out a selection of past films, as well as content directly from SYRCL so you can also learn all about what we’re up to in the Yuba watershed. This means that you can access Wild & Scenic films in one place in the comfort of your own home.

Not only will subscribers find Wild & Scenic content on the site, but they can also access a library of meaningful content shedding light on important issues from around the globe. According to President and CEO Jim Branchflower, “Unlike other digital streaming services, ECOSTREAMZ focuses on the activist demographic, cultivating a rich catalog of films, both features, and shorts, dealing with environmental, conservation and social justice issues. In these trying times, it is the mission of ECOSTREAMZ to become a clearinghouse of important information on local, regional and global issues from which audiences can learn and respond.”

Wild & Scenic plans to continue adding films and working with ECOSTREAMZ to provide valuable content to our audiences year-round. Our current line-up includes the following films:

The Time Travelers

A Fence and an Owner

A River’s Last Chance

Not Mine, Ours

The Botanist

The Time Travelers

We the Uncivilized, A Life Story

Wild Inheritance

And this is just the beginning! We are building the foundation so that we can continue offering a library of films online for years to come. Working with ECOSTREAMZ means that the Wild & Scenic Film Festival now has a way to share our films with you online all in one place, while also continuing to support our filmmakers. At the same time, we are a part of a new online community of like-minded activists that want to see the important messages in such films spread far and wide. “These passionate auteurs have important messages to convey, whether inspirational or cautionary, about our world,” states Branchflower. “We are there to help promote and distribute their films to the widest possible audience.”

You can read more about the streaming site and this exciting new partnership in the recent PR Newswire article, “ECOSTREAMZ, the Documentary Streamer, Ups Its Eco-Social Platform With New Film Partners and Dr. Jane Goodall Joining Advisory Board” and from this Cinema Without Borders write up.

SYRCL Members, stay tuned for information on potential future discounts on subscription fees.