Jennifer Rugge

Nevada City, CA

Artist Statement

Mixing natural minerals into paints, Jennifer Rugge explores the world of the Ancients and Nature in her art. She integrates the mysteries surrounding their artistic techniques and early language roots in signs and pictographs. As an earth artist, she creates non-toxic and earth friendly artworks using eco-friendly products with less waste. She actively encourages artists to consider using natural ingredients in their Art. Through resilience and growth, Nature renews, adapts anew. With a plant-based glue to cover wood panels with handmade and recycled papers along with natural earth paints mixed with walnut oil and her own concoction of softened beeswax, Jennifer also uses charcoal, 3-d clay shapes, and gold leaf application. All products used in her art works are organic, non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Earth Artist Jennifer Rugge from JENNIFER RUGGE on Vimeo.

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Juried Works:

“Guardians of Resilience”

 Award Winner: Judge’s Award

Medium: Mixed media on wood panel
Size (h” x w”): 36 x 24
For Sale: $2,600

“Resilience, the Call to Rise”

Medium: Mixed media on wood panel
Size (h” x w”): 36 x 36
For Sale: $3,200

“Bear Carries Stories of Resilience: Roots, Power, Resilience”

Medium: Mixed media on wood panel
Size (h” x w”): 48 x 24
For Sale: $3,200

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