Late-Night Dance Party @ The Stone House


*New Venue * Supersized Set *                 

Late-Night Dance Party:
Saturday, January 13th 10 pm ~  2 am
(Ft: YoHm)
Tickets: $10 advance/ $15 door

–> Anyone and everyone who attended the Late-Night Dance Party last year, before it sold out that is, will tell you that this party is NOT one to be missed. In an effort to keep up with our growing number of party animals, a few necessary changes had to be made. This year’s event boasts a new venue with larger capacity and an exclusive SUPERSIZED set by returning musical stylist and Nevada City favorite YoHm. Yosef Stone, YoHm, has an intrinsic talent for taking timeless classics like The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” and Ginuwine’s “No Diggity” and infusing them with his signature style and Nevada City flare. We ecstatically invite all filmmakers, activists, festival attendees, and Nevada County night owls, to join the groundswell of movement through music. Keep in mind, this event SOLD OUT last year.  Be sure to grab your tickets well in advance!

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