Maile McGrew-Frede

Nevada City, CA

Artist Statement

Maile is a visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer, living in Nevada City, California. She works in several mediums, drawing, painting, and 3D assemblage. “Inanna Asks Why” is graphite on paper, completed in April 2019 for Visions & Voices, a group show at the Felix Kulpa Gallery, in Santa Cruz, CA. Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth was an early Sumerian/Akkadian goddess who presided over the “cradle of civilization.” This piece came about after ruminating on the World Wildlife Foundation’s 2018 State of the Planet report calculating massive species and habitat losses since 1970.

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Juried Works:

“Inanna Asks Why”

Medium: Graphite on paper
Size (h” x w”): 45 x 36

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