More than Just Films

Special Events at Wild & Scenic

While Wild & Scenic is first and foremost a film festival, we have loads of great programming that isn’t specifically film that festival-goers won’t want to miss.  And to make that information available to you in an easy-to-use interface, we’re excited to unveil our new online special event filter.

You can see events by day or filter by event type, including:

  • Art, Books, and Music
  • Eco Tour Outings
  • Free Public Events
  • Receptions and Parties
  • VR and Media Lounge
  • Workshops and Talks
  • Youth

Not to miss offerings for 2018 include a field trip to the Yuba River, Making Art on Earth outdoor land workshop, and Youth v Gov environmental justice workshop.  See?  With all this variety you won’t want to miss our new search feature as you plan your fest!  A  true festival experience encompasses a special event or two, so as you’re planning your experience, don’t forget to pencil in something from this list! Happy Festival!