Seeking Filmmakers

Is this project for you?

Occasionally, we’re asked to help connect projects to filmmakers and we have two exciting opportunities for some “Wild & Scenic” films that are seeking folks to make their dreams come alive onscreen.

Inspiring River Protection through Partnership Wild and Scenic Rivers

River Management Society (RMS) and partners, National Park Service, American Rivers, 13 Partnership Rivers and others, are seeking proposals for the creation of a 4-5 minute short video that will be used as an informational video for those already knowledgeable about river protection and training for river managers. The timing is appropriate as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Scenic and Wild Rivers System in 2018. Intrigued?  Read the RFP here. (Deadline June 30, 2017)

Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities
Chuck Durrett and Katie McCamant brought the concept of cohousing to the United States. They were responsible for designing the first one in this country, and have designed fifty-five since.  As noted in the Oxford English Dictionary, they coined the term, “Cohousing.” Chuck has been attending the Wild & Scenic Film Festival for 12 years and has seen many films purporting some level of better environmental design for people and the environment.  But he has been waiting for, and hasn’t yet seen, one that presents the social, economic, and environmental benefits (to name a few!) of cohousing.  He wants to make that film!  If you have a passion for cohousing, this project could be for you.  Read a letter from Chuck for more info and if you’re interested, reach out to him via email.

Learn more about Chuck in a recent interview on Common Grounding or, watch the brief video below.