Staff Pick – Biomimicry


Janine Benyus, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oliver Stanton, Leila Conners | 2015 | 22 min.

You might not know it, but It’s an extremely busy time of year for Wild & Scenic Film festival. Look no further than our Upcoming Events page to peruse the growing list of On Tour events in our queue. Earth Day boasts an increase in these events nation-wide; each aiming to engage communities and inspire activism on a local level.  As the On Tour Manager, I work closely with each hosting organization to support their event planning process. Often times this may include assistance with a suggested line-up of films and in some cases, provide specific films to include. This Earth Day, I’d like to suggest a film just for you to include in your Earth Day celebrations; Biomimicry. As humans, we frequently look to each other to solve the complex problems facing our growing population. Amidst a growing mountain of threats to our fragile planet, how will mankind be able to sustain life on Earth? I bet you weren’t expecting an answer to this questions, but Janine Benyus, Co-founder of the Biomimicry Institute who is featured in the film, offers an incredibly simple solution:

“The answers we seek, the secrets to a sustainable world, are literally all around us”

– Janine Benyus

Biomimicry is defined as innovation inspired by nature. It’s important to consider that the best ideas, the ideas that will perpetuate our civilization forward into an era of environmental sustainability, might just not be our ideas at all. As a young species, perhaps it’s time to set forth a new paradigm that stems from our biological past. As Janine Benyus states in Biomimicry, “Life’s been on earth for 3.8 billion years and in that time, life has learned what works… the idea is that perhaps we should be looking at these mentors, at these biological elders… we need to replace our old industrial chemistry book with nature’s recipe book”. How can swarm-logic, adopted from bees, be used to reduce energy consumption? How can the shape of shark scales prevent the spread of infectious disease? How can a coral reef provide the blueprint for buildings that sequester carbon? Be sure to watch this film for an in-depth, scientific look at creative solutions for a better world.

Biomimicry joins about 140 other Wild & Scenic films as they travel the globe to over 185 locations with our On Tour program. February 1 kicked off the 2018 Tour season, and this one promises to be bigger and better than ever, reaching over 55,000 people worldwide.

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This month’s Staff Pick was brought to you by On Tour Manager, Johan Ehde.