Staff Pick: Brilliant Darkness – Hotaru in the Night

2015-WSFF-Staff Picks Laurel3Brilliant Darkness: Hotaru in the Night

Emily Driscoll, Executive Producer James Karl Fischer PhD and the The Zoological Lighting Institute
(2014, 12 min)

Did you know there are 2,000 different types of fireflies?! Set mostly in Japan, this film impressed me with its creative integration of stunning still photographs, culturally significant drawings and paintings, and the science of fireflies. We all love fireflies and the magic they invoke, but will something as simple as porch lights lead to their demise?

Brilliant Darkness 1

Several years ago in the tropics of southern Mexico, I had the privilege of witnessing a very dark forest come alive
with fireflies after sunset. The wonder of that moment resurfaced when I watched this film, and I was touched by the
way fireflies illustrate the interconnectedness of all beings. Enjoy beautiful cinematography while considering our relationship to nature as humans. As the film states, “without wildlife, there is no life.”

Brilliant Darkness: Hotaru in the Night is available for Wild & Scenic On Tour events and can be borrowed from SYRCL’s film library by active SYRCL members.

This week’s staff pick is brought to you by Jenna Brager, On Tour Manager.

For a sneak peek, click on the 1-minute trailer below.