Staff Pick: Guided

Guided | 19 min | 2017 Official Selection
Bridget Besaw, Tahria Sheather

The ancient tradition of storytelling encompasses every facet of community endeavor and lies at the heart of human experience; it’s beauty, community and mystery.  While many storytelling traditions have languished in the 21st century, digital storytelling through films is very much alive and at the heart of Wild & Scenic–and within the film Guided.  

I was quickly mesmerized by Ray Reitze, a Maine wilderness guide sharing his philosophy of living in harmony with nature.  Without children of his own and getting on in years, he mentors the next generation of guides with his gentle ways and vast skills.  This is a film that will transport you to another place, another time.  It will leave you feeling, your heart simultaneously filled with sadness, joy, and hope for the future.  It will make you want to be your best self and make the most of your time on the earth.  And want to do all you can to protect our wild spaces in exchange for the richness they bring to your life.

Ray’s unconventional life choices inspire me to continue to make my own way in the world despite societal pressures.  Living for happiness, connection with our natural world and meaningful kinship with a small community

Guided is currently in our Film Library and available to borrow if you’re an active SYRCL member. (Reach out to Alena Loomis to see if your membership is current). You can also check out Guided at an On Tour stop near you!

This month’s staff pick is brought to you by Melinda Booth, Festival Director for the Wild & Scenic Film Festival.