Staff Pick: The Mirnavator

Staff Pick

The Mirnavator

Sarah Menzies | 2017 | 11 min.

2018 Official Selection

“I love my body the most when I’m out running.  Even if it’s hard and even if I’m having a bad day, like, I know I have my body, and it works. It is allowing me to do this thing and so like, I feel really strong and powerful and in that, I feel beautiful.”

The first minute of The Mirnavator is harshIt grips you in this sort of jaw-dropping horror, as she reads a mean and depraved email that had been sent to her while she was running a 50K.

Her response was simply beautiful.  Mirna Valerio inspired all of us here at Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Her passion for running, diversity, and kindness is comforting. Her beauty is evident.

She had taken out her cell phone, toward the last part of the race, to take a couple of pictures.  She wanted to document her experience.  A work email appeared on her phone with the subject line “Running”. “I really should not have been reading my email on the final leg of my 50K,” she said.  “But I was.” It said, “You are a liar and a fraud.”

It goes on to call her fat and to tell her that she is not a runner.  I have spent a significant portion of my life overweight and can testify that we are what we think we are, not what others think of us.  Mirna Valerio is a trail runner, mother, blogger, diversity practitioner, choral director, and Spanish teacher.  She is everything she says she is and more.

As it turns out, this film is inspiring! Her responses are gracious and gentle with a bit of a pragmatic approach. The remainder of the film is spent seeing her shine, through it all, content to run and to live her life to the fullest.

Mirna had posted the email on Instagram and within five minutes she had received the kindest, most supportive and loving messages from the running community.  She was blessed with support and was sure to turn that kindness right back to all who would listen.  She shines her light in this film and it warms the heart.

“Kindness is choosing love over hate, light over darkness, compassion over judgment”


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