This Summer, Stay Cool by Adventuring Your Way

What are your summer adventure plans?

As summer approaches, we here on staff begin excitedly sharing our plans for backpacking adventures, river days, camping trips, and even hammock hangouts in the backyard. We look forward to emerging from behind our screens and stepping into the natural world to recharge. While we would all love to, we aren’t always able to execute complicated trips in far-off lands. From time to time, it can be tempting to get lost in others’ Instagram photos and tales of big, epic adventures. Rather than focus on how one should have an adventure though, it’s much more fulfilling and less stressful to focus on how one can have an adventure! 2018 Official Selection Dragging 235 lbs uphill both ways by Christina Franklin serves as a sweet reminder that it’s all about allowing space for creativity and being present. Yes, planning out your adventures is very important. Focusing on keeping all the details straight though might organize the fun right out of your trip. Remember that the special moments often tend to be the unplanned, unexpected ones! The magic in the outdoors lies in its great mystery, its ability to humble and challenge us, allowing us to become stronger, more confident humans! 

In the film, a mother of four kids decides to turn off the screens and make a change. Though challenging, her kids go from fearing and ignoring nature to understanding and loving it. Getting outside is certainly one of the best ways to become a conservationist – after all, if you don’t love or understand a place, how can you be motivated to protect it? This is so crucial for our next generation of leaders, and in part why this filmmaker/adventurer/mother felt it so important to inspire her kids to put down the screens and pick up an appreciation for the outdoors.

So from the backyard to the backcountry, Wild & Scenic gives you permission to unplug and explore the outdoors in any way that calls to you this summer and beyond! Check out that park down the street that you’ve never visited. Explore a stream without fear of getting a bit muddy. Take a hike and allow yourself stop to smell the flowers and watch the bugs. Adventure your way! And before you swear off screens, make sure you check out Dragging 235 lbs uphill both ways to inspire your summer adventures, available for locals in the SYRCL library or On Tour at a stop near you.