Upcoming On Tour Events

November 17th – Las Vegas, NV
Hosting Partner: Friends of Nevada WildernessLogo Friends of Nevada Wilderness photo

About Friends of Nevada Wilderness: Friends of Nevada Wilderness is dedicated to preserving all qualified Nevada public lands as wilderness, protecting all present and potential wilderness from ongoing threats, educating the public about the values of and need for wilderness, and improving the management and restoration of wild lands. Working together with all Nevadans, we find the common ground needed to protect our wildland heritage. We share the values and vision of wilderness with the general public, civic organizations and clubs, land managers and elected officials.

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November 17th – Easton, MD
Hosting Partner: Midshore Riverkeeper ConservancyLogo_MidshoreRiverkeeperConservancy_Photo

About Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy:

Midshore  RIVERKEEPER® Conservancy (MRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration and protection of the Choptank, Miles, and Wye Rivers, and Eastern Bay, and all of their tributaries. The organization serves as an advocate for the health of these tributaries and the living resources they support.

Midshore RIVERKEEPER® Conservancy strives to provide education, outreach, and restoration programs. These programs promote environmental awareness of the essential role these rivers and streams play in the community, of the issues that threaten their health and vitality, and of the solutions that must be implemented to preserve them.

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November 18th – Grand Junction, CO
Hosting Partner: Avalon Theatre FoundationOT_AvalonTheatre_Photo

About Avalon Theatre Foundation: Beginning in 2008, the Downtown Development Authority and the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra led a master plan to transform the Avalon Theatre into a state of the art performing arts venue. Over the next several years, with significant support from the City of Grand Junction and the DDA, the Avalon Theatre Foundation raised funding from private individuals, businesses, and foundations to renovate and expand the theatre in order to improve the economic and cultural development of our community.

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November 18th – Merced, CA
Hosting Partner: UC Mercedlogo_citris_humanities_photo

About UC Merced: The UC Merced Center for the Humanities fosters individual and collaborative research in the humanities and allied fields. Faculty, students, artists and visitors affiliated with the Center study human experiences and human consciousness around the world and throughout time, focusing on topics that range from the search for beauty to the quest for power.  Center exhibitions, publications, and performances showcase the cultural products – from films to dances to maps – that record, reflect and express human solidarity, conflict, and transcendence. Inspired by the UC Merced vision of “The World at Home/At Home in the World,” Center activities strive to link the local with the global, the campus with the community, and the empirical with the conceptual.

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November 25th – Invermere, BC
Hosting Partner: Wildsight – Invermerelogo_wildsight_photo

About Wildsight: The Invermere branch of Wildsight envisions a community where people value and protect wild spaces and embrace our interconnection with nature. Our non-profit organization reaches out to visitors and locals alike to inspire action and lead the way in conserving wild spaces and improving our relationship with nature. We host a variety of community events with notable speakers and inspiring films, as well as undertaking larger initiatives such as Pesticide Free Invermere, Wilmer wetlands clean-up and the Lake Enid Restoration Project.

Our current initiatives include Climate Action, Radon Awareness, and Connecting with Nature

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November 30th – Portland, OR
Hosting Partner: Willamette Riverkeeper

About Willamette Riverkeeper: Willamette Riverkeeper (WR) utilizes the Clean Water Act to help ensure that the Willamette River’s water quality is the best it can be. WR also uses science, restoration and policy work to improve water quality in our communities along the Willamette and its tributaries. Pesticides, emerging contaminants such as flame retardants,  legacy pollutants such as PCBs, and many others are very real concerns today. Over the years our work in his area has resulted in multiple settlements with permit holders that have significantly reduced the level of pollution entering the Willamette and its tributaries, from sources such as industrial storage lots and pulp mills to sawmills, and parking lots. From time to time WR conducts its own monitoring, screening for toxics or evaluating basic water quality parameters such as temperature and bacteria.

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Going On Tour
The Wild & Scenic Film Festival was started by the watershed advocacy group, the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL), in 2003. Over the past 12 years, it has evolved into the largest environmental film festival of its kind in the nation. The annual event each January in Nevada City, CA, kicks-off the nationwide tour to over 150 cities. Each tour stop is an opportunity for an organization to reach out into their community and bring people together around community-based activism. We offer a diverse menu of environmental films that delve into themes such as energy, climate change, conservation, wildlife, community activism, environmental justice, and adventure. Each venue custom builds their own film program to include issues they want to spotlight. Plus, we provide PR materials and a comprehensive planning guide. As an environmental group who has experienced amazing success with the Wild & Scenic Film Festival, we want to share our success with other organizations to create a network connected by a common goal – to use film to inspire activism!

For more information about Wild & Scenic On Tour, please contact Theresa at (530) 265-5961 x 204 or via email.