Upcoming Tour Events

January 28th – Creston, BClogo_wildsight_photo
Hosting Partner: Wildsight – Creston Valley

About Wildsight: 
Wildsight Creston Valley engages and inspires the local community. We host passionate speakers throughout the year on a wide range of topics including wildlife and the region’s landscape. Our branch is a member of the Creston Valley Community Forest Corporation, keeping control of our watersheds and employment in the hands of the community. The community forest has adopted eco-forestry recommendations made by the Silva Foundation. We are concentrating on selective logging techniques such as single tree harvesting, shelter wood, and small group selection in which open cuts are never more than two tree heights in diameter.

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January 29th- Ashland, WI
Hosting Partner: Northland College Student AssociationOT_NCSA_Photo

About Northland College Student Association: Founded in 1970, the Northland College Student Organization is the only student-run campus government in the state of Wisconsin that drafts their own budget and manages their own finances.  We are dedicated to supporting students, service, sustainability and community celebration and strive to connect the students of Northland College to the institution, the community, and the greater Chequamegon area.

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February 5th – Munich, DE
Hosting Partner: GRÜNE LIGA


About GRÜNE LIGA: The Ecological Movements Network was founded in pre-unified East Germany in 1990 as a platform for all environmental causes. It deals with subjects like climate change, traffic, mining, biofuels and East European cooperation. It also runs an ecological marketplace. The GREEN LEAGUE is a leading NGO in the field of water policy in Germany. It is a member of the German League for Nature and the European Environmental Bureau in Brussels.

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February 7th & 9th – Damariscotta, ME
Hosting Partner: Damariscotta River AssociationLogo_Damariscotta_Photo
About Damariscotta River Association: The Damariscotta River Association (DRA) is a non-profit conservation land trust connecting our community and the Damariscotta River estuary to secure the continued vibrancy of both. DRA works throughout the Damariscotta River region in the towns of Damariscotta, Newcastle, Edgecomb, Nobleboro, Bristol, South Bristol, Boothbay and Bremen. We’re celebrating more than 40 years of conservation and community, and we hope you’ll join us!

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February 8th – Bozeman, MT
Hosting Partner: Gallatin Wildlife Association

About Gallatin Wildlife Association: The Gallatin Wildlife Association works to promote the
restoration, maintenance and perpetuation of OT_Logo_Gallatin_Photonative fish, wildlife and their habitat. Gallatin Wildlife Association (GWA) is a non-profit volunteer wildlife conservation organization representing hunters and anglers in Southwest Montana and elsewhere. Our mission is simply to protect habitat and conserve all native fish and wildlife. GWA supports sustainable management of fish and wildlife populations through fair chase public hunting and fishing opportunities that will ensure these traditions are passed on for future generations to enjoy.

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February 10th – Evanston, IL
Hosting Partner: Evanston Environmental 

Evanston Environmental Association: In 1974, the Evanston Ecology Center was built and donated to the city of Evanston by a group of citizens who believed the city would benefit greatly from a facility dedicated to environmental education and awareness. Those citizens formally organized themselves as a 501(c)(3) organization in 1976 and became the Evanston Environmental Association.

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Going On Tour
The Wild & Scenic Film Festival was started by the watershed advocacy group, the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL), in 2003. Over the past 12 years it has evolved into the largest environmental film festival of its kind in the nation. The annual event each January in Nevada City, CA, kicks-off the nationwide tour to over 150 cities. Each tour stop is an opportunity for an organization to reach out into their community and bring people together around community-based activism. We offer a diverse menu of environmental films that delve into themes such as energy, climate change, conservation, wildlife, community activism, environmental justice, and adventure. Each venue custom builds their own film program to include issues they want to spotlight. Plus, we provide PR materials and a comprehensive planning guide. As an environmental group who has experienced amazing success with the Wild & Scenic Film Festival, we want to share our success with other organizations to create a network connected by a common goal – to use film to inspire activism!

For more information about Wild & Scenic On Tour, please contact Amelia at (530) 265-5961 x 204 or via Email.