Video On Demand and Live Virtual Events

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds we are working hard to find solutions to continue bringing the Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour to communities around the nation. The first solution we have begun to make available to our hosts is an online screening option, by which ticket holders for tour events can log into and view their host’s film program remotely from the safety and comfort of their own home.

On Demand Screenings

During this time, with so many people being confined to their homes, Video on Demand is a perfect vehicle to equip audiences with the means to engage with your organization and support its mission. Many of the effects of this crisis directly relate to your organization’s mission: be it the measurable reduction of pollution or the clearing up of the canals of Venice, we are seeing real-time the impact that we can all have through changing our behaviors.

In a time of fear and isolation, the Video on Demand program facilitates increased equity among ticket holders–many of whom would be unable to engage in the learning, organizing and connecting provided by an in-person event.

Live Virtual Events

Choosing a Live Streaming option allows you to create a more interactive event to more closely mirror the in-person experience. Using our Live Streaming option you can have an MC talk to your audience live, discuss your organization’s projects and calls to action, incorporate Q&A videos from filmmakers, hold a live raffle, and more. Additionally, once the live event is completed, the recording of your full program including your MC, speakers, etc. are available to be watched as a video on demand stream for up to 5 days, giving your organization the best of both worlds.

Content for the Community

Throughout the year, organizations like yours ask for the help of the community to support their missions and accomplish their goals. Now is a time in which your organization can be there for the community. Utilizing affordable options like our school programs with activities for kids at home paired with film, or adding feature-length Video on Demand films to your programming are ways in which you can keep your organization at the top of people’s minds while providing them with engaging content during these challenging times.

Making it an Event, not just Streaming Films

There are a variety of ways in which you can make this event a “happening” beyond just a digital video stream. Create a party-in-place kit for a pre- or post-screening celebration with opportunities for connecting and organizing: a group video chat, recipe share, Spotify playlist, etc. Get creative and your followers won’t be able to help themselves from engaging!