Welcome Theresa!

Please welcome our newest Wild & Scenic team member, Theresa Huck, On Tour Sales Associate.  Theresa joined the team to help expand Wild & Scenic’s reach, increasing the groundswell for the environmental movement around the globe by partnering with organizations to produce a Wild & Scenic event in their community to support their causes.  She has a long history with Wild & Scenic and comes to us with a wealth of experience and a vibrant personality.  Get to know her a little better with the below note and hear another story about how this film festival can change lives.…

I moved to Nevada City in 1997.  I was on my first bike ride on the Cascade Trail that summer and came across two men on bicycles.  They were passing out flyers and telling us all about the battle to save the Yuba river–I had not even been to the river yet!

I grew up in Orange County, California with parents that worshiped camping.  We went camping most of the year with long trips in the summer.  My dad probably sported a bumper sticker like “I’D RATHER BE CAMPING.”

I always felt at peace in nature, inspired to creativity and a strong sense of adventure.  Not long after my visit with the gentlemen on bikes, I was taken to the Yuba.  At that moment, I knew I had finally found home.  After years in Los Angeles, surviving a massive earthquake and gun violence, I had found a place where my heartbeat slowed, my tense shoulders softened and my soul sang.

Not a summer has passed, in the last 20 years, that I have not spent time at the river.  As soon as it is safe, I am there!  I even spent my 33rd birthday there.  I venture to say that the Yuba is where I feel truly myself.

In 2008, I attended my first Wild and Scenic Film Festival.  I was not environmentally conscious, but had a love of nature.  My first films were Bag It, No Impact Man and a few about food, GMOs and the conglomerates that make them.  My life was forever changed.

I am the gleaming example of the power of the Wild and Scenic Film Festival.  Since then I have been an evangelist for organic foods, protecting the land and our beautiful resources, as well as fighting plastic pollution and factory farming.

Now, I use my skills for the benefit of the festival and for SYRCL.  I come to work excited about the fact that I get to support my beloved Yuba river and the county that thrives because of it.