Wild & Scenic Film Festival Lodging Host FAQ

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival relies on the generosity and warmth of the Nevada City and Grass Valley communities to be a successful fundraiser for SYRCL’s year-round conservation work. Our lodging hosts play a crucial role in ensuring that our special guests and filmmakers have comfortable and welcoming stays during the festival. Every year, we house upwards of 100 out-of-town filmmakers, jurors, and other special guests, which simply wouldn’t be possible without the generosity and hospitality of this community.

The 18th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival runs from January 16-20, 2020. If you think you are interested in hosting and would like to learn more, please read through the following Frequently Asked Questions. If anything remains unclear, please email our Festival Coordinator, Felicia Hall, or give her a call at 530-265-5961 x 222 with any additional questions. Thank you for your interest in this special volunteer opportunity!

Lodging Host

Q: Will I be expected to provide entertainment, meals, and/or rides for my guest?

A: While we hope you enjoy your company, you are not expected to provide meals, rides, or entertain your guests during their stay. All you need in order to be a host is a guest room, cottage, or other appropriate space you would be willing to provide for Wild & Scenic filmmakers during the festival. Additional lodging perks for guests are welcomed but not required. Please note, guests need a private space, not a shared space such as a living room. Keep in mind, each filmmaker is unique and individuals will prefer varying levels of interaction with their assigned lodging host. We anticipate filmmakers will spend a majority of their stay exploring the festival and all its offerings. During the event, filmmakers will have access to complimentary meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served Friday morning through Sunday evening at the designated Filmmaker Lounge. In addition, we provide filmmakers with a detailed list of local restaurants and eateries. Your guests should already be equipped with some basic knowledge of where to find meals around town. Please note that we do our best to match guests without vehicles to lodging households within walking distance of downtown Nevada City to prevent the need to solicit rides. 

Q: What perks do I receive for hosting a filmmaker or special guest?

A: You will receive information regarding perks once we have placed all of our guests in late December/early January. Perks range from one session ticket to festival passes – it all depends on how many guests we place in your accommodations. In addition to the tangible complimentary tickets, we hope you will have a rich experience visiting with world class filmmakers and activists from all over the world! We hear year after year that one aspect filmmakers love so much about Wild & Scenic is the opportunity to stay with local residents in their homes – it truly makes the experience that much more special for our visitors. Lifelong friendships have formed in the homes of this community during the festival – who knows you who you might meet!

Q: I live over 20 minutes outside of Nevada City and Grass Valley, can I still apply to host?

A: We would prefer to keep filmmakers and guests closer to the action. We are open to considering all lodging host applications, sometimes we do get requests from filmmakers to be placed somewhere quieter and more private, but for the most part we’d like to provide closer options to our guests. Please feel free to complete a survey, and keep in mind that distance from town may be a deciding factor in placing someone in your home.

Q: When do we find out who is staying with us?

A:  We will create initial matches and send introductions via e-mail to both guests and hosts by late December/early January. This email will include the name of your guest, their contact information, and their affiliation with the festival. We ask our guests to reach out to their lodging hosts first, but please do not hesitate to get in touch with your guest(s) directly. We will keep lodging hosts informed about any updates or changes; while we try to avoid complications or moving guests around once they are placed sometimes unexpected cancellations and substitutions may occur right up until the festival begins. We thank you in advance for your patience and flexibility!

Q: If I complete the survey, does that guarantee that I will have a guest placed in my home?

A: We are so appreciative of each accommodation offering we receive, but are not necessarily able to guarantee that each will result in a placement. The needs of our filmmakers and special guests vary greatly from year to year, so while we make every effort to utilize all accommodations, occasionally we are unable to do so. If we are not able to place someone in your home, we will do our best to let you know at our earliest opportunity.

Q: How are guests matched with hosts?

A: Matching guests with the hosts is a personal and hands-on process; there is no algorithm or fancy system for this! Completing your Lodging Host Information Survey is Step 1 – we are looking to get a sense of what type of accommodation you have available. Our filmmakers and special guests are given similar survey, but instead we are looking for what their needs and preferences are. We try to match, to the best of our abilities, the right offering with the right need. We cover practical matters such as the number of beds required, pet allergies and whether or not the guests have their own car along with qualitative aspects and expectations. It is important to be as specific as possible when completing the survey so we can provide the best matches we possibly can on both ends!

We ask that hosts complete the Lodging Host Information Survey no later than Friday, November 15!