Workshops are FREE TO TO THE PUBLIC!
WorkshopWe’ll have special workshops, coffee talks & presentations around Nevada City throughout the Film Festival weekend. Learn more about the issues and what you can do, get filmmaking tips from pros, and much more at our Activist Center at Nevada City’s City Hall.




Saturday Workshops

January 14, 2017; 9:00am – 5:30pm
City Hall, 317 Broad Street, Nevada City


Making Environmental Films that Make a Difference

9:00am -11:00am

Everyone who makes an environmental film wants it to have maximum impact. This workshop is designed to share 50+ years of combined filmmaking experience to help you do just that.  Join author, filmmaker, and Executive Director of Take Back Your Time ( John de Graaf (Affluenza: The All Consuming Epidemic, What’s the Economy for, Anyway?) and Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated writer, director, and producer David Vassar (California Forever, Discover Hetch-Hetchy) ( for tried and true insight into creating a film that can move an audience to action.


Salmon-omics: Measuring the Economic Impacts of River Restoration for Salmon


Can you put a monetary value on a river? How does the economy benefit from increased fish abundance? SYRCL and graduate students from UCSB’s Bren School of Environmental Science & Management will present an economic perspective on the benefits of river restoration. The team will use restoration efforts on the Lower Yuba River near Marysville, California as a case study as well as discuss studies from other rivers in California.


Women, Activism & the Arts

1:00 – 2:00pm

Women have contributed to the arts in profound ways since the dawn of time, both as artists and activists. Nashormeh Lindo, Vice Chair of the California Arts Council, will shine a light on remarkable women artists of the past and a few of the most exciting women artists working today. In doing so she will address gender imbalances in the presentation of art in the US and globally, and speak of her own interest in representation through portraiture – looking at how people interact within their environments while incorporating their cultural traditions into everyday living.


Technology & Conservation



Nature Needs Half: An Impact Campaign

4:00pm – 5:00pm

Where do you start an environmental and social movement so ambitious that it will take more than one generation to accomplish? At the Wild and Scenic Film Festival where activism is inspired!

Join us as we host a brainstorming workshop with festival activists and conservation leaders, young and old, to kick off our campaign Nature Needs Half. Conservation biologists now understand that existing global conservation goals are far too conservative. In fact, that Nature Needs Halfof the planet’s ecosystems  – land and water – to be sustained, and our own well-being depends on the same.

Nature Needs Half: The Campaign is a bold, media–driven initiative to galvanize public audiences, conservation groups, philanthropists and governments to address the global biodiversity crisis at scale.  Using film and video for strategic impact, we will launch and curate a project to promote a strikingly different relationship between people and nature to ensure a bountiful wild legacy for generations to come.


Sunday Workshops

January 15, 2017; 10am – 5pm
City Hall, 317 Broad Street, Nevada City


Radical Relaxation

9:30am -11:00am

Is it okay to relax and be joyful even with all the suffering and chaos in the world? Is it even possible? According to ecopsychologist, activist, and author Scott Brown it’s okay, it’s possible, and it makes us more effective, resilient activists. This experiential workshop will support you in connecting more deeply to your self, nature, other people, and the world. You’ll leave more able to bear witness to not only suffering and destruction, but also to beauty and wonder—not by censoring strong emotions such as anger and grief, but by going deeper into your own truth.


Music in Film: The Art of Collaboration

1pm – 2pm

As a filmmaker, having a fundamental understanding of the impact, importance, and process of score is key to elevating film to its ultimate potential. In this workshop, we will discuss the nature of music in film; how to work with a composer; film score from a composer’s perspective, including insights on the scoring process; the use and abuse of temp music; and how to go about achieving the best synthesis of music and film.


Does Nature Have a Marketing Problem


Nowadays everything has a brand and marketing campaign. What about nature? On some level we all know time outside is good for us – some exercise, a nice way to relax… Turns out spending more time in nature actually means so much more. Getting outdoors can help the planet by facilitating a positive relationship between humans and nature. Join Justin Bogardus, founder of Nature Rx, to create a different approach to inform and motivate change – to have more people see themselves as a part of nature and not separate from it.


So Many Dam Alternatives

4pm – 5pm

Climate change is upon us and will continue affecting the water supply profile of the Yuba and Bear River watersheds in unpredictable ways. Recognizing this, Nevada Irrigation District has proposed one possible action: build another dam on the Bear River. Is this the most economical, sustainable, and resilient answer for California? This workshop explores alternatives to consider in evaluating upcoming economic and environmental analyses of NID’s proposal. Experts will discuss practical water delivery and demand efficiencies and watershed scale management opportunities. Our local water challenges and solutions will be a model for California’s sustainable water future.